Current list of Ascension related symptoms

First thing first, the reason why I did not post anything new yet is because my nights became very silent the last couple of days. I try to remember any dream at all in the mornings and I fail miserably. It almost seems like the last 3-4 days I did not really have any dreams at all. I have no idea what happens throughout the night. I have also no stamina left to meditate in the evening, it’s like my body currently is integrating everything that happened the last couple of weeks… However I have a new list of current Ascension and Kundalini related symptoms.

  • Ringing in ears becomes louder and stronger, especially towards the evening
  • Strong electrical current between the shoulder blades, electrical rushes and surges of energy traveling along the back, up the neck.
  • Strong sensations of energies around the ears, neck and sometimes heat radiating from the back of my neck!
  • Extreme coldness at times, so cold that I believe my hands are actually not here but somewhere else sitting in a fridge or freezer.
  • strong visual changes, now throughout the evenings when watching TV I see sometimes in the peripheral glowing dots appearing out of nowhere. Until I look at them, then they disappear
  • Strong shiver and chill sensations
  • Buzzing in lower back and tailbone
  • twitches in the left hand, left ring finger moves left and right like in a spasm. Left lower palm has some twitches as well.
  • Deep sadness and grief for something that is not here. Maybe connected to more of source returning and integrating into our bodies. Also a lot of dark energy has been set free to be transmuted over the whole globe. Recent events like terror attacks etc. set tons of lower vibrating energies free.
  • Also my head is more than ever feeling bruised and sore during the day. Sometimes just putting my hair in an unusual way makes my scalp hurt for hours on end…
  • Dreamless nights
  • Not being able to meditate or focus too long on third eye or heart center

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