New method, try for OOBE – weird dream and another dull phase

Last night was the first night after having my period of sleeping together with my husband in one bed. I usually do like to sleep alone during this week, as I am sometimes just feeling cranky and I do not want to have anybody feel these cranky vibes. As I lay in the bed staring through the darkness I saw very quickly again these purple light swirls with open eyes. It’s kind of like when you do the mirror meditation just staring with a soft gaze into your eyes in a mirror, suddenly everything turns purple and you see the energy moving. That’s what happened as I just stared in the darkness.

I decided to try a new method I read about for an attempt of an OOBE. It seems to make a lot of sense that this method would bring on a very strong vibrational phase. So I though why not give it a try?

The method goes like this:

  • Lay comfortable on your back and close your eyes
  • Relax and shift your awareness towards your feet.
  • Stay there until you feel energy tingling, pulling sensations or really anything.
  • After this move your awareness including the energy feeling up your body towards the head
  • Stay there for a while until you feel the strong energies of the Third Eye activating
  • Now move this energy and your awareness back to your feet.
  • Do this as long as possible and each time get faster and it should bring on the Vibrations

Now I did this and felt very quickly that I can connect my awareness to the energy sensations that I feel and then move it around, while the energies seem to follow my awareness. It’s like magnetized. As they say “Energy flows where attention goes.”

After a few cycles of doing this method I suddenly felt a rush of energy and my right leg just jerked up and fell back on the mattress. I don’t think my husband felt anything, usually he wakes up when I make sudden movements, but this time nothing, no movement whatsoever. I continued trying, but at some point tiredness overcame me and I needed to stop and go to sleep instead… That’s where it became weird.

DREAM: Beach, old ship and sexual approach

I do not remember a lot about this dream, I know however that it was structure similar like a movie. It could have been an actual scene out of a movie. I do not remember if I saw everything out of my own eyes or if I saw myself from distance. It’s just too washy already…

I do remember however very vividly how a man approached me who was tall, had brown short hair, deep brown eyes and a very strong facial structure. He was trying to approach me for sexual intercourse and I do remember that I did not want it and tried to get away from him. I remember it all played out at a beach and there was this old ship that was some kind of stranded at that beach.

That’s actually everything I can remember, Sadly I waited too long for writing it down. But my husband kept me busy this morning so I had no chance to write everything down fresh after waking up…

Today is the 11/11 portal/gate and I don’t know why but I feel depressed, I am feeling cold, my nose is completely destroyed, the whole skin is red and wound because I am so cold my nose is dripping all day long and I cannot help it but blow my nose every few seconds… On top of that I have pressuring feelings and emotions again about my situation… I once again want to give away my pet bird… I once again think my husband does not give me anything anymore… He is always promoting how much he cares for me because he gives me everything I need… Material wise. But nothing that comes from soul and goes to soul and heart. And if I hint to him that yes he is right material wise he cares a lot and gives a lot. But he sees it as offensive towards him and usually says then well let’s see how you would get around if I would stop the material flow… let’s see how you would feel if I would not pay back the money at the end of the week that you paid for shopping etc. I don’t know if this is a manipulation technique or something else, but it surely feels every time as if he has a point and I am actually the one who has problems…

I really don’t know… But he does not make it easier for me. He is also in his depression and worries once again about no money coming in and no one calling, it’s too quiet etc… It just all pressures on me and does not help me to get out of my dull phase…

Regardless of this the energy is still strong, rushing and surging. Yesterday while watching a movie I actually felt the very well known stinging pains that sometimes happen in various body parts when the electrical current is buzzing a long time in one area. It just suddenly feels as if someone pushes a knife inside that spot. I felt it in my chest, but I also felt it in the left temple.


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