Night meditation – strong energy!

Wow I have no clue where I should actually start with this post! I am literally overwhelmed by how strong the energy is the last couple of days. I can only assume it has to do with the upcoming 11/11 gate portal!

When I went to bed I did the same routine as the last 2 days before already. I first lay comfortably on my back with my head a little bit lifted, using a pillow underneath. I left my eyes open and looked through the room in the darkness. Then I use I AM affirmations to overcome any lingering fear. And I have to say that this approach is amazing and helped me a lot! using I AM in front of positive sentences is very powerful and I could feel it!

After that I closed my eyes and concentrated first on my breath a few times, inhale-exhale. After that I shifted my focus back on the palm of my right hand and very soon I got aware of the electrical pulse buzzing in my palm. this focus on the hand is an amazing way to keep aware and focused for a very long time! It helped tremendously! I also realized that I am less effected by the random very loud cracks, bangs and ping sounds all around me in the room. Every single night when I meditate in the guest room my computer desk cracks like crazy, sometimes so loud I actually believe somebody just walked through it…

I felt strong energy surges and the energy was really intense last night. The whole meditation through I would feel the electrical buzzing surges and rushes along my back and spine and a lot of the rushes of electricity were coming from the base of my neck, right above the shoulder blades. While I had my eyes closed I sometimes saw white light streaks that suddenly came out of nowhere, once it actually felt as if it hit my upper right eyelashes when it came close. It was a weird feeling as if my eyelashes suddenly moved for a second. Or as if something fell down and touched the upper lashes.

the more I focused on the right hand the more I became aware of the intense buzzing and pulling in my third eye and I also felt a strong sensation of a weird inner rush and a hovering feeling from inside, yet I was not able to lift my Astral arms or anything like that. i tried to visualize a tunnel with streaks of white light that would fly past me, like a high speed movement through a tunnel. I felt energy rushes. I tried to visualize me sitting in a roller coaster going up and then tried to feel the free fall, but nothing of these would push me out of body… I was hoping because of the free fall sensation that my astral body would jump out of the physical body. But it did not work. Now it could be that I was just not ready yet and again used the wrong timing.

At some point I was so deep into this meditation that I must have fallen asleep, I really don’t remember, but I do remember that my body just suddenly jerked and catapulted itself to the right side and all I could think about was “Oh great… now it’s over I will not go back to back laying position and try all over...” So I stopped and fell asleep. Again without remembering any dreams whatsoever…

In the morning I was woken at 10 AM by my husband, my cellphone must have died in the night and the alarm did not ring at 8:30 AM… ouch. As I got out of bed I had a very weird sensation in my left leg, actually I had no feeling in my left leg whatsoever. It was suddenly feeling like it was not there, like I was walking on a rubber leg, it was like liquid rubber, every time I would step on my left foot, my leg would bend to the outside… This continued for a few minutes and then suddenly went back to normal… wow what a weird experience… It actually felt as if my leg was not there in these moments… Maybe my leg was still someplace else???


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