Arkash channeling and more answers

I cannot believe this, I wish I could have written this blog post earlier, but I just finished everything and found some time to write about my amazing experience from yesterday. I decided to give it a try and let Deraj Navillus channel some information for me out of the Arkash! and to my surprise he was spot on with everything he wrote about me!

You are a Starseed. You have had a connection to the stars ever since you were a child. You love to look at the sky and the stars, but that makes you yearn for a place and time in which you cannot remember. You have had contact with those who watch over you since the age of 5. You don’t like any animals with bigger eyes than your own, it makes you eerily uncomfortable. But that is to be expected when your cosmic amnesia wont allow you to remember but a feeling of familiarity resonates with you. As for the Egyptian symbols it is a remembrance of your past life. The symbols of hieroglyphs and the symbols you have never seen are the same. Just the Egyptian hieroglyphs are an evolution from those symbols in which you didn’t understand. It was from the times of Atlantis in which these symbols came. You and others in your family are still being visited and watched over. Soon more and more memories and remembrances will come to. Certain triggers you will begin to experience will unlock doors once closed to you

Now he was spot on with the message about the Starseed origin, I got this already from a few sources and always felt like I actually have a connection somewhere far out there. He is exactly right, I do look a lot into the sky and stars, I used to do this a lot when I was a kid! The visions of  Egyptian symbols seem to come out of a past life and on top of that I got validation that I am indeed visited and watched over! Now this would explain many things from my past and also experiences from today. I was so surprised about the channeling that I started writing to Deraj to find out some more and to my surprise he could also tell me what this weird glowing dot in the center of my vision is! It is as I suspected a long time ago a window, a portal so to speak and it is also the window where the visions get downloaded through! He told me when I am in connection with source energy this tiny glowing dot would open up and show me the things that are being downloaded. It totally hit home, as I experienced it already few times upon awakening from sleep! I asked him if I can control this window and open it consciously and he told me YES & NO… One could get some control over it through meditation, but if a message needs to get through it will happen regardless wherever you are at the moment.

So my explanation for this glowing light dot portal is that it got activated a few days before my Awakening experience, it is always there and it seems to be an antenna. I guess They get whatever I look at through the dot, as it acts like a laser pointer, wherever I look I see the dot. But not only that, they also can communicate through the portal!

After some time writing to him I felt strong heart chakra activities and I knew he was right in everything he told me! So exciting and I am so glad for the introduction, thank you so much Ashique Good Intentions for introducing me to Deraj! ❤

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