Meditation experience last night

After another random fight with my husband which really was not needed… But as always he found his ways to confront me sitting in front of a cafe… I don’t know why but he always finds reasons and ways to start confronting me when we are going someplace together. I actually told him yesterday that this exactly is the reason why I don’t go anywhere with him, because it’s so unpredictable if he suddenly is moody again or not. And if this happens on a vacation there is no escape and I get drained more and more being around this moody negative energy output…

after this whole drama I decided to sleep alone, it made sense anyway because it was the first day of my period and my stomach started pressuring a little bit. So I decided to do my nightly meditation. However I changed the way I do it. Since I am very clairsentience, meaning able to feel energies and shifts of energies. Instead of focusing on my breath I studied a little bit and found an amazing technique:

Steps in short form:

  • Lay down and relax as you usually do
  • Focus your awareness on the bottom of your feet and stay there for a while until they start tingling or you feel any sensations arising.
  • Then continue your way up your body and try to feel each area, it’s like a body scan
  • As soon you are ready with your whole body, your awareness should become sharp as a laser beam and very focused.
  • Now put your whole awareness on your strong hand and stay there, let nothing distract you and just stay on this hand.
  • If you get distracted or start falling asleep, pull the awareness back to the hand

This technique is actually amazing and because of the extreme awareness and focus on my hand I was not as much freaked out about the strong energy rushes and the heavy blanket feeling. However the universe finds other ways to distract me… The room last night was seriously cracking and banging more then ever… It literally sounded many times as if the cracks were coming from a source and then suddenly another crack someplace else in the room. I even heard a weird ping sound and a bang kind of sound like a knock on a hollow wall… These cracks and bangs are the only thing right now that still startle me… I have no idea why the room is cracking and making so much noise each time in meditation. If I just try to sleep I do not hear anything at all… I felt a few surges of energy and I really believed I could reach an OOBE, but it did not happen. I guess I need to continue for a while with this technique and see where it leads to.

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