Dream: Friends, Destruction, Violence

Last night was again a highly energetic night. I went to bed at 11:30 PM on a Friday evening, which is highly unlikely for me usually. As I am a night owl. But I was so tired. While my husband continued playing chess with lights on I actually fell asleep for a few seconds and then suddenly my body jerked up and I gasped for air. Funny he was not even aware of that… I just turned around and continued with my meditation that I actually wanted to do before I fell asleep. I felt the surging Kundalini current going lower again, it was 3 days in a row now between my shoulder blades, but then I felt it retreating down towards the back side of my Solar Plexus chakra and it continued surging tensed energy bursts there in the spine. After that somewhere around 12:30 my husband turned the lights off and went to bed himself…

DREAM: Friends, Destruction, Violence

This time I was with some old friends, Sabrina, Jennifer and the two sisters Daniela and Sarah were with me and we were having a lot of fun. I do not remember the scenery really, but I do remember that we talked a lot and had a lot of fun.

But then out of nowhere this tall girl came to us and integrated herself in our group. She had long blonde hair and blue eyes… (why are all people I meet that I do not know blonde and blue eyed?) Very quickly the peaceful atmosphere got influenced by her bitchiness behavior and she almost broke the group a part with her controlling demeanor.

We were standing in front of a big tank and a lot of creatures were inside that tank. But my glance fell on the black crayfish, which had a shimmering black chitin armor as skin. A very beautiful creature. But suddenly I see the blonde girl grabbing the crayfish and Scratching with a force of her fingernails over the back of this crayfish and let him fall back in the tank. I asked her very angry “What did you do? How could you??!!” My gaze fell on the injured crayfish and I saw that she scratched off two of the back scalars of his chitin armor and I could see the flesh shining through… I was feeling for this poor creature and got mad at her. I turned to her and tried to explain to her why this is not right and that this armor saves the creatures inside from being hurt. With the armor it can fall on it’s back and doesn’t get hurt… Without it it’s easy food for predators and can hurt itself when falling… But she did not care…

The next moment she was controlling the group and threatened to destroy the peace between us all. But I had enough. I rushed to her and grabbed her at the throat and banged her against a wall… I screamed at her and told her that she needs to get the fuck out of our lives, she does NOT belong there. Because of her everything falls a part!

That’s when the dream suddenly ended. wow… what a trip.


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