Memory of my childhood – Arch Angel Suriel

It’s so interesting, you are reading online and see all kind of different perspectives on one and the same thing. Just people learned to call it different ways. Then you see something that peaks your interest and sooner or later something gets triggered and you remember a piece of your childhood that you almost forgot! The last couple of days I came seriously across of a lot of posts about Arch Angel energies etc. But then I suddenly remembered something from my childhood. It was at a time when I did not have internet yet and no computer. It must have been around 10 years of age.

I remember very vividly that i came downstairs, kind of day dreaming while walking, I enter the living room and I hear and see the TV which a running series, which my mother used to love “Alles Was Zählt” It’s a German series. Suddenly out of nowhere I saw a word in front of me as clear as if I actually saw it. It must have been a Third Eye vision with open eyes. Something I seriously had a lot of when I was a kid. The word said “SURIEL” Of course at that time I did not know anything about all the spiritual stuff, energies etc. So I was surprised but did not pay more attention to it.

With 15 years if age I got my first computer and internet for school learning through the use of internet for research about subjects. It was then that I remembered the word and I typed it in and found very fast that Suriel is actually an Arch Angel! I could have not known that because I had no one talking about Angels and no internet, go figure it was a vision from my personal guardian angel! I knew I had one when I was a kid, because every time I got hurt it could have been so much worse and yet I never really seriously got hurt. If it would come to this I would have been already killed by a boy with a knife, I would have broken my neck from falling down a half sized wall hitting my forehead on the floor, I would have lost my eye more than once etc.

There was actually a time in my childhood after seeing one of the first versions of a movie called Noah and the Arch I think. He was talking to god and had vision. And as all children are usually I took this for real and tried to communicate with god. It was around that time that I found a lost golden earring from my mother in a forest full of yellow, orange and red leafs, because I knew what to do. I was guided to throw a white plastic bag in the air and as it landed I grabbed the bag and the earring was right underneath the lower edge of the bag! WOW! Today I am very sorry and sad, that i did not continue that path, who knows I may would have had my Awakening earlier and not with 28. But on the other hand it was probbaly needed that I went through all this until the actual awakening in August 2014.

Today I looked for Archangel Suriel, who is also called Uriel, Sariel, and Muriel and this is what I found:

Uriel — The Light or Fire of God A.V. II Esdras 4:1. Also called Sariel, Suriel, or Muriel.

Now isn’t that fitting? Light or Fire of GOD? My Kundalini Awakening I would experience as light and fire, because of the heat that sometimes comes with it’s surges and it is kind of flabbergasting that Suriel was with me the whole time and prepared me for this event! THE LIGHT OF GOD.


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