Ascension Flu

Well go figure I think I caught for the first time ever the so called Ascension flu as well. Many times i read about it in journals etc. The more sensitive we become and the more light we take in ourselves and vibrate faster, the more we feel the major shifts that happen after Solar flares, Geomagnetic storms and other happenings that are of energetic nature.

I think it started yesterday when I finally could feel the Kundalini current working again. Some time had passed and the well known electric current was off for a while. I believe this is the ebb phase of body acclimation that I wrote about so many times! Means that the body gets prepared with each surge to house more of the light energy and transformation to a less dense version of our bodies. Each extreme energy surge would bring new symptoms with it. So far I can tell I had 3 major surges of K. energy.

  1. August 2014, when the Kundalini energy actually activated (I got a break from September to November)
  2. December 2014 (I got a break from February to July)
  3. August 2015 (Kundalini energy activated again and stayed longer than usual and was stronger than usual as well. It brought the following symptoms with it:
    strong ongoing twitches everywhere, right upper arm for 4 days in a row, energy surges, tingling, hearing ringing and frequency changes, some sore spots on head coming and going, vision changes, more visions while asleep and upon awakening.)
  4. And then I had a break again until just 2 days ago.

Suddenly I started feeling the constant buzzing electric current inside my body. This time it was buzzing and rumbling a lot in the core, Solar Plexus and heart chakra. But also my head was worked on. My Forehead would have pulling and pushing sensations, so strong that I thought something was breaking through! Same for the top of the head. And the energy chills and shivers with each subtle surge are always there with each major energy activation the shivers and chills are a constant with this experience!

Coming back to the Ascension Flu. My nose is dripping, my eyes are sensitive to the sun light and actually start to produce tears when I look just one second into the sun. I have repeated inner shivers and chills, combining the Kundalini shivers and chills. It’s kind of weird, because both are a little bit different actually. While Kundalini shivers usually come from the heart and go up the head and start sparkling there literally, the ascension flu shivers are feeling like getting sick or being in a cold chill fever! My skin is over sensitive to touch, my whole upper arms are sensitive to my own touch.  I feel strong surges along the back (Kundalini related) and I have sore head top that just stays and does not fade away.

it seems so far that each major energy surge of Kundalini energy brings more sensitivity to energies with it and also a lot of changes to the body system and perceptions! For example I hold my hand on the top cover of our food blender and after the strong vibration is gone my hand continues happily ever after to buzz like it’s still on the blender. Go figure everything is just hyper sensitive! Also my ears are feeling as if they are on fire, very hot!


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