Abracadabra all pain may be gone…

Well the one thing about Ascension symptoms is that they are sometimes full of humor… One day you feel like the whole world is sitting on your head making it feel sore and bruised. And then suddenly the next day everything is gone, as if nothing at all happened…

Last night I had time for myself. Since the beginning of our relationship my husband told me as every woman before me (rolling eyes) that he needs at least once a week his King sized bed for himself… When I moved here I did not understand this mentality as I would have never thought this way, when I love someone I don’t want to make sure that we sleep a part once a while… But this thought very fast changed after my Awakening. Suddenly it came as a relieve that I could have at least 1 day in the week were I could just meditate, stay awake as long as I wanted and listen to whatever I wanted through headphones. So yeah at that point I really did not care anymore and was glad that I could have my Wednesday night for myself.

So I used this opportunity last night to meditate on a Theta Binaural track: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MfSoDYapEVs

The moment the beautiful soothing frequency appeared I felt at peace, I totally forgot about the soreness on my head and just let it sooth me further down. I heard crackling noises in the background but this time they did not startle me as usual, because I had the earplugs in so the frequency was louder than the cracking in my room. At some point I suddenly became aware that all sound suddenly dropped and I woke up, stupid enough I did not recognize this as a jump point for an attempt of having an OBE… So I grabbed my phone and saw that the battery was empty… argh… I did not feel like recharging and start all over, so I just turned on my left side and fell asleep right there on the spot.

I had a weird dream that threw me inside the Ridley Scott Alien universe. I saw these terrible dark tunnels and I was constantly for the lookout because of these Aliens. I know towards the end of the dream I made someone aware that there are two different kind of Aliens on board. He did not believe me because he was one of the people who designed the creature and he did not know anything about another breed that looked slight different. So I showed him an arm piece of one of those different Aliens and he looked at me in total surprise.

I can only assume that this dream once again played the darkness and confrontation that my Higher Self seems to have in dream time. However this time I was not harmed, I saw the Aliens but they seemed not to see me, even though I tried to hide from them.

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