Sleepless night, pressure, vision upon awakening

Yesterday it occurred to me that there was a Geomagnetic storm going on. Thanks to my friend Dayna I am always up to date about these sun flares and storms that sometimes just create extreme energetic sensations and reactions! And in fact the whole day I felt already a huge soreness on the top, back side of my head. Every time I would touch that spot it started hurting, like totally sensitive… on top of that I experienced major energy surges that also included my head this time! Sudden energy surges usually feel like electricity gone wild suddenly spreading in a specific body part and then growing up to the head. Sometimes these energetic surges would start at the head and then it literally feels as if cold air is being released with a sensation of strong energetic tingles and sparkles!

Then towards the evening it became stronger and actually the whole top back side of my head became sore to the touch and even more sore after each major energy surge. The went on into the night and the end result was that I could not meditate for real, I could not be quiet and stay in my back laying position as my head started pressuring. Then I did manage to fall asleep and I had a dream but all I could remember before waking up again was a spice rack hanging on the wall. As I woke up, I left my eyes closed and turned around from the left side to a back laying position in that moment I suddenly became aware of a vision download that started appearing in front of my closed eyes.

What I saw was a white pages with tons of information on it, mainly weird looking symbols, text that I could not read. So I remembered in that moment not to think what it means, but to consciously just being the observer. The page began to scroll and looked almost like the title beginning of a Star Wars movie. I saw more symbols and a bigger one which I kind of remember. It looked like a monument for a bridge some kind of.

I tried to paint it as best as I could remember:


Now I have no idea what a symbol like that would mean, but the fact that similar symbols appeared on this document probably means it’s important.

On top of all the pressure going on I also woke up many times just to scratch the whole top of my head as the tingling and sparkling really created itches!


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