Energetic intensity!

Okay I really have to post one more time for today before going to bed, because today is energy galore here for me… It began in the morning that I had intense sore spots on the top right side of my head. So sore though that my touch actually hurt… And it still does, it feels like someone hammered on my head during the night.

Then in the later morning hours I watched two energy transmission and activation videos by D’oyen Fraser who does a lot of energy work and help people with all kind of energetic blockages etc. The two videos were for the Triadic current. As I learned from him Kundalini is only one of the currents that can be activated. So I watched these videos on his YouTube channel. I did not feel anything at first, but afterwards I started feeling more and more how my own energy amped up again. I felt strong energetic surges along my spine, especially around the upper side of my back in between the two shoulder blades! Bringing one strong heart thumb with it.

Also I have a weird pattern of dots in my vision burned like it usually happens when I look into a light source for a few seconds. However these light dots have no source here in physicality, I did not look into anything that would create such a pattern of dots. I see the pattern glowing up when I blink my eyes really fast or just stare into space with a soft gaze, kind of unfocused!

Both of my upper top sides left and right of my head are pressuring. And I feel a strong energetic current crawling around on my head! It literally feels like slight breathes of air are accompanying it.

Later in the evening I started seeing tiny light orbs appearing, like I would write on my black keyboard and suddenly a blue light orb appeared right at the bottom of the keyboard! My husband came into my room and as I looked at him I could clearly see a white glow around him and with some focus through to the wall I saw green and turquoise patches of color around his neck area. It was like he was glowing. It seems the soft yellow light of my room helps seeing auras!

In the evening I suddenly started feeling a fizzling kind of tiny whirlwind vibration on my right temple, it actually felt like something was crawling there. I took the camera while this happened and shot a photo, but I could not see anything. So it was definitely energetic! I had this same feeling many times in the past at the back of my neck, base of skull and also in the hair around my left ear. Feels like something is fizzling energetically on your body!

We started watching a movie and I was leaned in the chair with my back at the chair lean. And every now and then I would suddenly feel a strong push in my upper back and energy surges literally pushed towards the outsides, feeling it as physical push at the chair lean. Same surges happen sometimes on my head.

Really an intense energetic day today and I have a feeling the night will bring a lot more!

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