Evening meditation experiences!

Last evening I felt already that it would be an energetic night and in the matter of fact as soon I lay on my back I felt strong buzzing vibrations inside my abdomen and Solar Plexus area! It was literally rumbling inside! I am currently watching a lot of ET channeling videos on YouTube and I decided to try something. I placed my fingers all together so they would touch each finger and created like that a triangle in the center above my solar plexus chakra. I left my hands like that for a while and placed the intent to connect with my star family and show them where I am.

I visualized how I ascend above our house, up to the sky overlooking whole Los Angeles, until I reached the horizon and could see the round form of the planet earth. I ascended further up until I reached space and could look down over the whole planet with all it’s lights. Then I traveled along the stars and the Milky way and passing that I saw the Moon and the sun. (It was not an OBE, I just visualized all of this) After I passed the sun I visualized a huge bright light structure and as I entered it I imagined a gate of light and I asked for permission to enter. As I visualized to enter this gate I visualized the shapes and heads of different ET beings. I did not see features, just silhouettes and head shapes. All of this done through visualization alone. I asked them in my mind to create a connection or a contact, or a pickup of beings of light and love. As I descended back to planet earth and down to our house, I lifted up my closed eyes and looked up at the Third eye area.

In that moment I suddenly got ringed and screeched at with an extremely loud right ear ringing! It was kind of silent before and out of nowhere my right ear started ringing. I tried not to listen to it with my ears but with my heart instead, but this thought alone probably disturbed it as the ringing became more muffled and soon was gone… 😦

One thing for sure during this whole visualization meditation attempt I had the feeling of a slight cool breath circling around on my forehead. I mean every door in the bed room and every window was closed and yet I felt a breath around my forehead. Also the top of my head feels like it is either breathing or breathed at. Very weird sensation that always comes with a strong shiver and the need to shake the body because of cold chills.


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