Dream: Two old friends, Ascension symptoms, fight

Last night I was going over the channeling that a friend of mine did for me. Through that channeling I found out so much which I had questions for but no answers. It seems like I am a Starseed from Sirius and in fact all the characteristics of a Sirian Star being are the ones that make me who I am. Including the love for nature, animals and technology! My friend also channeled a lot more about my dreams and that Team Dark definitely is manipulating my dreams, that usually happens when the dream induces fear and attacks of unknown force. I also realized that the reason why I see mostly the color red through my Third Eye vision is because a Dragon is one of my Spirit Guides. Interestingly enough since I was a child I loved Dragons and Dolphins! I painted dragons, I collected figures of dragons and interestingly enough I had a dream about a tree dragon a couple of weeks ago! It was unbelievable to me to read the channeling as it described me perfectly! My friend also showed me the symbol for Sirian Star beings which can be used for contact or connection.


So it was not a wonder that I tried during my meditation to connect to the Sirian Star beings. I don’t know however if it worked. In fact I remember vividly that there was a moment in my meditation where I must have been close to sleep as I suddenly jerk up without reason and my body catapulted itself to the right side, out of a back lying position… This of course woke me up and so I decided to fall asleep and that worked oddly enough very fast… However I was thrown into yet another weird dream.

DREAM: Two old friends, Ascension symptoms, fight

Oddly enough in this dream I saw yet again 2 people who were once my best friends in Germany, until Daniela the older sister someday found a boy and married him, then out of nowhere our “best friends” status did not mean anything anymore… She moved away and her little sister did not care anymore and went to work and since then our friendship was officially over…

The dream started out in an arena kind of setting, I don’t know what we were looking at and I did not even know that Daniela and Sarah were actually there. I was sitting and watching the game or whatever it was and suddenly I heard a familiar voice towards my right side. I turned around and saw Daniela who was sitting beside her sister Sarah and her mother Connie. Daniela did not look good. Somebody suddenly got up and went through the line, passing Daniela and family. Suddenly I hear Daniela saying “Mom, I don’t know what’s going on but my heart makes clicking noises every time when someone walks past me.” As I heard that I suddenly had the terrible urge to speak with Daniela as I knew what was going on with her. So as everybody was getting up I called out for her and screamed over the place so she would hear me “Daniela, I want to talk to you, please come down and follow me!

She came down towards the entrance of this arena thingy and her mother wanted to come with her. But she told her no Mom, no need to come with us. So Daniela and Sarah went with me down the street. I remember being very nervous to tell her about this and I told her “Daniela, I heard what you said before about your heart making clicking noises. I know what you are going through!

I told her all about energies, frequency shifts and Kundalini energy and I explained to her all the symptoms that she may experience, I also made her aware that I experienced the same sensations and that she does not need to be afraid. But instead of believing me and trusting me as she used to do in the past when we talked about things, she got quite angry and tried to walk faster, the dream felt outright terrible, as I tried to calm her down and explain to her that she wasn’t sick… Sarah seemed to understand and tried to slow her sister down, but Daniela suddenly turned around and told me “I will ask my mother about all this, if she knows about it as well, I will believe you...” I suddenly I got anxious and told her she can never tell her mother about it, or in fact anybody like doctors, as they would bring her to the psychs… And that her mother would never allow us to get together again.

and it went on and on and on… In fact it was outright terrible feeling not to be able to be understood by the one person who I spend most of my childhood with… So I suddenly woke myself up out of this and opened my eyes. As I closed my eyes again I saw pieces of the dream recollecting and that’s why I can remember it so well… What a trip… and yet another time travel back in time, just with another outlook and another reaction.

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