Dream: Old friends, painting contest, black & white feather

Last night I went to bed and did my nightly meditation. This time I could stay alert for a longer time and I saw all those beautiful purple swirls in front of me. I actually practiced this a while with eyes open, it’s amazing to be able to see purple light patches form in front of you in total darkness!

As many times in the past I tried my approach of visualization of rooms, me standing someplace and interacting with objects. And then there is always this tipping point when my visualization has a life on it’s own and shows visuals that I did not intend. However when this happens many times a very bright light swishes through the vision like a windshield wiper and erases the visuals. It’s so weird but it’s happening a lot. At some point I must have fallen asleep.

DREAM:  Old friends, painting contest, black & white feather

The dream was kind of weird and at the end something very interesting appeared which somehow connects to this black & white vision I had the night before.

The beginning was a school kind of setting, I saw all those people again that went with me to the same school in Germany. We were instructed to paint something round. A circle with different colored squares! Everybody painted as best as they could. But then it was Jennifer’s turn to paint and she did something completely different. I saw how she mixed the colors, as if I observed it somehow through her eyes… She did not what was instructed instead of simply drawing a circle with squares inside she painted a lot of more stuff and added it into the squares. At the end she held the picture up and I had a close look. It was looking like a plate with sections of colored squares and inside each square she painted very detailed green peas and other vegetables etc. Then the dream became weird, because there was suddenly this man with black suit… (I have no idea what this MIB thing is in my dreams) And he wanted to use her painting to sell it, he said we can make a lot of money with this! And Jennifer was upset and took her picture away from them.

Then the dream shifted I was still with Sabrina and Jennifer on a big lawn with climbers like for kids. We were doing something there, but it’s too washed out I do not remember correctly! However there was this plate again and there was something black and white on it a pattern and suddenly I saw this huge black & white feather that lay right on top of that. And I remember that I told them very surprised “wow this is what synchronicity is about!” Sabrina looked at me and asked what this was. and I explained “Synchronicity is when two events seemingly not connected come together and connect to each other.” And she was in awe.

That was the dream. I woke up and left my eyes closed it was not morning yet and it was dark. Suddenly out of nowhere a white screen popped up from the right side of my visual field and covered my vision. It was like a white pop up that just suddenly appeared. As I focused on the screen I saw very small letters appearing at the top right corner. While the screen itself just stayed white… I have no idea what that was!


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