Weird experience with a visual

Last night I went to bed kind of tired actually and very soon I realized that lying on the back for meditation was not comfortable so I only kept it going for a few minutes and then turned around to sleep. However something else happened in the night. I don’t know what time it was, but I must have woken up, even though I did not open my eyes. As I just wanted to go to sleep again. But then something caught my attention. I knew I had my eyes closed but suddenly I saw a weird visual, as if I actually could see without my eyes.

It was nothing like I experienced before, the visual was weird forms and all in Black and White. I have no recollection whatsoever what I actually saw, but I must have fallen asleep shortly afterwards!


I had a dream shortly before the alarm on my cellphone rang. In the dream I was driving from someplace and wanted to arrive someplace, it was on the street in Germany, the main street that went into the street where I was living. I saw a few of my favorite actors from The Vampire Diaries and The Originals. They were all involved in an accident on the street and I passed by telling everyone that these are the Vampire people from the TV series!

A couple of minutes later I was walking around the house block and met Joseph Morgan who plays Klaus in The originals. I talked to him and he almost felt real! I asked him if he would come back here sometimes. But I do not remember his answer. He turned around and walked towards a house. Then a few feet further down the street I met Candice King who plays Caroline in The Vampire Diaries and I talked to her. But she was not as nice as in the series. She talked just very quick to me then turned around and went with some boys. She asked them how to get to another place and how to pay the bus. So they paid for her and she told them “anybody interested to join me on a date to where I go?” That was such a weird dream, I usually never dream about celebrities or in this case characters of a movie or series.


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