Nightly meditation experience (trying for OBE)

I had some very interesting conversations last evening. With Vashta Narada and with a new friend on Facebook. Both of these conversations included ETs and channels and how it actually feels when they make contact (Thank you Vashta). She herself is in connection with a couple of ET beings and she described her feelings of a few of them and how it felt. Then I listened to her interview with channel Rob Gauthier who channels an ET called Plagnor from the Andaar race. And Plagnor said in the interview to a question of how he or they make themselves known when they try to connect, and he said that they use clicking sounds like hand claps (CLICK, CLICK…. CLICK, CLICK) It’s interesting because I hear these clicking sounds many times! sometimes in threes coming from the left ear and sometimes many times which comes from the right ear!

I used an Astral Projection Binaural Beat and it helped me a lot to relax. the track was about an hour long and shifted frequencies in between the different stages. Throughout the track I felt many different energetic sensations, from intense pulling in the Solar Plexus, to sudden dense energy balls traveling from the ovaries area into my right side or left side below the rib cage! I also felt strong energetic sensations around my head and close to the end of the track I felt energy pooling above my hands, I had them palm side up.

As the track ended I tried to visualize my hands to lift up as soon as I felt the energy feeling. But nothing happened. In the matter of fact there was a sudden loud crack inside my room and in the same moment I had an electric jolt throughout my brain with a white light flash, which startled me. I then realized that it became suddenly very windy outside and I heard my door being opened and it scared me a little bit. So I pulled myself out and closed the window in my room so the wind would not move the door with weird noises…After that it was over, I needed to use the bathroom and I did not feel like repeating that whole session again… So once again a night without success 😦

This morning my husband told me that he had a weird dream. He dreamed there was a huge tsunami in our area and it destroyed everything, the house and the surroundings and he saw a woman screaming on the streets. Then out of a sudden he said in the dream he said to himself, that cannot be real, I must be dreaming. I wanted to tell him that at this moment he could have gone anyplace he wanted to, as this means he became lucid! But I didn’t because he does not believe in astral projection and makes jokes about it. He said he waited to wake up… And then I thought to myself. he does not even try and becomes aware that he is dreaming. I try since ages to become lucid and believe me my dreams are extremely weird so it does not make any sense that my mind does not get it that I am in fact dreaming… 😦

In the matter of fact I oddly enough had no dreams at all tonight, I just suddenly woke up because of the alarm at 8:30 AM…

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