Dream: Ship, waves, roller coaster

Wow! That was an energetic night I have to say… It all started already when we watched a movie. I had my bare feet on the floor and felt the whole time buzzing and shaking inside my feet and legs. Sometimes rushes of strong energies inside my back! Muscle twitches inside my thighs!

When I went to bed I did my nightly meditation and the first thing I noticed was the high frequency pitch inside my left ear. There was a moment when suddenly out of nowhere a high pitched tone came inside my left ear it was really loud and audible. Usually it would fade away very quick, but this time I tried to stay focused and alert and the sound kept going for a longer time than usual. After some time it stopped. But then something else happened, something I did not feel for a long time now. Suddenly I felt a weird pulling sensation on the back of my head. Felt either like something pulled the head slightly, or as if the inside was jumping in a weird way! No idea! It was very weird, as I was lying on my back when this happened. I had the same feeling on my left leg at some point into my meditation, just felt as if something went over my leg. I did not open my eyes as I wanted to stay focused.

But I must have fallen asleep and the dream was again very real and I could literally feel all the emotions and sensations that were connected to it! Such as fear of height, fear of falling, speed.

DREAM: Dream: Ship, waves, roller coaster

I somehow must have fallen from a big ship. I really don’t know, I remember seeing a ship on the water surface but there was also a white house to my left. I remember being in water and trying to swim against the water, suddenly I heard the sentence “Don’t try to swim against the water, go with it!” As I heard this I turned around and soon afterwards a huge wave was coming from the back, I did not see it with the way I was looking straight forward, but I felt the water move. As the wave caught up on me I felt it lift me from underneath, the surge of water was so strong that it lift me all the way up. I actually went so high that I could overlook the white house to my left! I got flooded with the fear of height and free fall. As the wave reached it’s highest point I was on top of it and then suddenly the wave fell apart and I was still above it and then I felt the free fall sensation, my vision looked down towards the dark blue water and I fell down in high speed until I crashed into the water! WOW… The feelings with this dream were really as if experienced right there. I mean it was so vivid and tactile!


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