Dream: Blue Swimsuit, Dolphin, Love, Dark Forest

Tonight I had the most beautiful dream in a long time. I did not see anything yesterday that would promote such a dream. In the matter of fact before going to bed I watched a Sci-Fi movie called “Visitors of the night” an amazing movie about the abduction and hybrid program. Never saw that before, but to still my need to find out more about ETs I really watch everything that somehow resonates with me and this movie totally hit home for weird reasons. As I went to bed I did my nightly meditation just this time nothing at all happened… I did not make any intents this time as it did not work the last week. I tried many times to connect with my Higher Self, but all I got were weird nightmarish dreams… Which you can read all about in my latest dream journal entries…

However I fell asleep after a while of nothing happening and then went through the most beautiful dream. However in the end it turned into something more dark, which makes no sense really. It was like Hijacked or altered.

DREAM: Blue Swimsuit, Dolphin, Love, Dark Forest

In the dream I was a girl with blue eyes and blonde hair. Her hair was curly and short. Not at all long. It’s funny because I always wished to have really curly hair and blue eyes. maybe it was a past life dream. Not sure.

Someone gave me a new bathing suit, it was beautiful and had the most pretty blue color I’ve ever seen! It was darker blue but so intense, just magical!  As I dressed the bathing suit I went into a swimming pool and swam a few rounds, then I dove in the water and suddenly something happened, I just suddenly transformed into a Dolphin. I saw the whole transformation how the body just shape shifted and formed the fins and tail as well as the dolphins snout. I was free at last and rushed through the water. You cannot feel anything more beautiful! I was feeling alive! I saw these scene many times.

As then the dream shifted and I was in a huge pool with many people and a boy with blonde hair and blue eyes had his eyes on me and was trying to get close. He did not know anything about my ability to turn into a dolphin. I did not recognize that he was looking out for me. As I dove again I rushed with my tail through the water and my upper fin was showing out of the water. People left and right were amazed how a dolphin just suddenly appeared out of nowhere!

The boy suddenly came closer to me the dolphin and grabbed me from behind. I felt his hands on my back fin and the around my head. As he moved my dolphin head out of the water I suddenly turned back to the beautiful blonde girl. I turned around and saw in his eyes. he was amazed and wanted to kiss me. But then the dream shifted and I started walking up a street, it was dark and I passed another black haired boy who asked me something, but I forgot what it was. As I entered a forest I took a very small flashlight, like a blue laser beam and pointed it into the forest that I was walking through. But suddenly fear set in and I turned around and ran as fast as I could. I do not remember what happened then, I think the alarm of my cellphone turned on as it was 8: 00 AM.


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