Dream: Chase, Mirror & possible message

As I went to bed last night I decided to do my nightly meditation and also setting once again the intent to connect with my Higher Self, at some point it MUST work. However what I was giving throughout the night was yet another weird dream. However my daily habit of checking my upper body in the mirror to see if I got any new marks seems to be picked up on and comes with me into my dreams, which is good because this is mostly used as a reality check for OBEs and Lucid dreams. So far the only problem I have is to be aware of this fact and wake my mind up when this happens, so far even looking into a mirror does not do anything for me in terms of having my first Lucid dream or OBE…


The dream was very weird and once again I was placed someplace without knowing why and where I actually was. This time however it was all set in a forest landscape kind of setting instead of a facility. For some reason I was running either away from something or to get to a destination. As I reached a cliff and some kind of rope hanging over the cliff I went downhill and towards a huge circle that was surrounded by hills and trees and there was this huge tower like structure while up there was a weird looking fence surrounding the area. Almost like one of these towers where kings or queens would come up to, in order to speak to masses. As I almost reached the ground I was suddenly surrounded by younger persons, almost child like, maybe teens. All of them were boys and they all had knifes in their hands and threatened to capture me.. (yeah again a capture dream). One of these boys had blonde hair and blue eyes and he came pretty close. I felt the immediate danger from the knifes and turned around . However I could not simply move up the hill again, I needed to climb on the rope that was leading up the hill. It was a head on head race as the boy followed me on the rope! But then I reached the end and saw below me the ground of the hill, so I jumped off and proceeded.

The dream shifts and I run away from these boys with knifes in their hands. Only to reach a dark place around some corner in the forest kind of setting with hills on the side. I tried to go the way ahead but then I realized that there was a man lying on the ground who mysteriously awoke while I came close and again I needed to run because also he was not very nice…

As I escaped this threat I found myself in the darkness once again in this weird setting of the circle and the tower where I fled before from the boys. Just this time it was dark and my gaze fell up on the tower and I saw a silhouette from a dark figure standing up there looking down on me. I did not see a face I only saw the outline of the dark coated man.

Then the dream shifted again and I find myself in front of a mirror. For some reason I lifted my shirt and looked into the mirror it was dark and out of nowhere a sentence appeared across my chest. It was in blue glowing letters kind of fluorescent. Something that you would not see without UV light! The sentence said: “I AM A SWINE” Now at that point one would think my mind would switch out of it to become lucid or to have an OBE, but no… it just continued the dream. It was so weird… I remember after that trying to find the man, the dark figure from the tower, but I could not find him anywhere. However I found another mirror and as I checked again if the sentence was still there, suddenly out of nowhere a Black sentence with beautiful letters , which looked almost  like calligraphy was glowing up in front of the blue glowing letters. It said “Spirit talks to those who listen

That was kind of the end of the dream. Now my conclusion is:

The reason why I have these weird dreams obviously now 3 days in a row is because I am fighting with something, it’s either my ego or something that wants to keep the connection down. ERGO: I AM A SWINE was there to confuse me and to make me angry or something, while then the message was overwritten with black beautiful written letters. I think the reason I am dreaming these dark dreams every single time when I make the intent to connect with my higher self is I am fighting against a blockage which blocks the path towards the HS. It could be that my ego or some dark memory is blocking the entrance. Hence the boys with knifes waiting for me down that circle and making me retreat and not go further.


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