Realization about the Third Eye

Yesterday I found this amazing video showing a little 9 year old girl who was initiated by a Guru and learned to use her Third Eye abilities. this girl showed exactly what we all are able of if we train our Third Eye daily with intend to open it 100%. However this video was not the only one that demonstrated the Third Eye in full capability. In Russia a girl can see into people’s bodies and see illnesses or fractures etc. She helped already a lot of people finding the illnesses that doctors failed to find! However as always scientists went ahead and wanted to proof that she either is lying or that she indeed only uses the descriptions of people but cannot actually see inside their bodies. However many people were truly convinced that this girl helped them in many ways to find their illnesses and the correct treatments!

It seem the Third Eye once opened fully to 100% can give us an amount of “superhuman” abilities, which most of us do not possess in the current state. However as the little 9 year old girl said we all have them and can develop them!

My realization today was that one should be weary of any person who claims that their Third Eye is fully open! Because most of these people cannot even demonstrate one of these abilities! Many other people who claim to experience a Third Eye opening may have it only half or less developed. There is really no way of telling if someone has a 100% open Third Eye! Why? Because no one currently knows how many abilities are latent and which can be accessed through the full potential. So far I do not know one person who truly has it fully open! Sure we all have glimpses of Third Eye activity, but is it really truly open?

I don’t think so!

My observation in my own case is the following:

When I was a teenager I was very much into Crystals and found my moldavite because of this interest of mine. There was one time when I went to a crystal shop and something happened there. I think it had to do with the extreme amount of different vibrations from these stones and crystals. As soon I went outside and got into my car I suddenly a strong heat on my forehead and a strong pressure. This was the first time I felt my Third Eye. However at that time I did not research anything and did not know anything about chakras etc. Of course after that experience mundane world called again and so I forgot all about it.

However since my Awakening experience in August 2014 I can feel these sensations again! They usually come in waves. Like a sine wave. There can be moments of extreme pressure from the forehead, tingling or a feeling of a feather tickling my forehead! Or I see sudden images popping up in my third eye screen.

Instead of the usual darkness I once remembered seeing, I can now see a red hue in the center of my visual field whenever I close my eyes and look through the darkness of the night. It’s like a red flashlight is pointed in the direction I look at. Sometimes I even see light sourc4es glowing up in my third eye screen. Example: I was taking photos the other day and shot myself a few times outside, of course without flash as it was daylight! But after this shooting session I had an extreme after image of the camera burned into my vision! I could see it glowing up in front of me with eyes open or closed!

Now I cannot say that my Third Eye is fully open! Why? because I believe that there is so much more which it is capable of, that I currently have no access to. I cannot read with eyes closed, I can only see a scene glowing up in front of me when I looked at it with my physical eyes beforehand. Then the scene is like a projected image and appears in front of me with eyes closed.

Example: When I look outside the window towards our balcony for just 1-2 seconds and then close my eyes, I suddenly see the whole scene glowing up in a red hue! It’s like I can literally see the windows, frames, even the fence outside and the palm trees behind that fence. But this scene only glows up for a few seconds and then disappears again. And what is left is a red hue circle in the center of my vision!


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