Weird things are going on!

Literally weird things are going on! Last night I went to bed and did my nightly meditation as I do every night. Usually with success unless my husband is tossing and turning because he cannot fall asleep. I was lying on my back and had my eyes closed, as usual I focused on my third eye but also on my heart center and the first thing I realized was that my back was buzzing and vibrating with tiny surges of energy moving upwards. I knew right away that the Kundalini energy became active again! My whole body was literally buzzing deep inside. Along the spine and also inside my legs. I have a feeling this has to do with the fact that my root chakra activated strongly the last couple of days!

As I fell deeper into relaxation I started seeing dream like scenes, what exactly I have no recollection of, but I do remember that at some point I suddenly got flashes by a very bright white light, that was covering half of my sight behind closed eyes. It was like a rainbow formed in an U-shape and covered the whole upper side of my visual field. it came without a vision or transmission it was just that a bright light. However that’s not all, whenever I have my eyes closed I see light streaks that seem to come from below as they always zip in front of my vision from the bottom upwards. Accompanying weird darker splotches that look like shadow heads moving from left to right. No idea if this is actual heads or just another shade of the light I see behind closed eyes.

At some point again I made the intend to meet with my Higher Self. I said in my mind focusing on my heart “I would like to meet my higher self, I would like to connect!” And again this is not exactly what I got, however I was thrown once again in a weird dream scene which was kind of longer. However I do not remember the whole dream as I did before with the needle dream.


I remember that I did dream this dream once before, it was kind of the same setting as the needle dream. Again I was in a house, facility or whatever it is I have no idea. It’s always kind of dark there. The facility had also other rooms like the needle dream had and obviously there were other people with me but again I do not remember any of them except one old woman. I do remember that I was afraid of something or someone and tried to find the exit to this facility. I remember very vividly that I was hiding underneath a bed and looking through the room while a person entered it and obviously looked for me or someone. I saw her feet, it was an older lady.

in the dream i tried to get around her without er noticing me, because I believed that if she found me something bad would happen. I remember the first time I dreamed something like this and I saw the other people lying either unconscious or dead in their rooms and me being the only one left trying to escape. I also do remember that there was a dog in my dream. However much of it is really washy and I do not remember it as vivid as I did the needle dream.

However… This morning I woke up and as every day I checked myself in the mirror, and my jaw dropped because I had new marks on my left shoulder in the front, which I certainly did not have last night. Also my left hands wrist has two green bruises, very small beside each other that i cannot explain!

Plus in my meditation last evening I had a weird pulsing stinging pain in the right side exactly where I dreamed about the hole the night before, which you can all read about in the needle dream.

IMG_3670 IMG_3676


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