Dream: Groups, man in black suit, needle and implants!

Oh man… I really don’t know what happened tonight but it was disgusting… In fact it was so real I really don’t know how I could continue the dream without waking up out of shear disgust. I warn you, the scenes are pretty intense and not for a weak stomach…

Last night I was sitting at the computer until around 10:30 PM I was so tired from the day. early in the morning we had an appointment at the immigration office for an interview. Since my husband is much older than me they did not trust that we are married because of love but only because of the Green Card… Of course we could convince the officer and I am now getting my Green Card in 4-6 months. Finally done with this really awful cycle…

In bed I lay on my back and closed my eyes meditating for a longer time and making the intent in my mind to meet with my Higher Self. I also had the Arcturians in my thoughts for some reason. probbaly because I read about them yesterday. As I tried to get in the in between state of trance I saw tons of purple shaded lights again in front of my eyes and I remember seeing the purple shades form into comic style scenes. It was weird it was really like seeing scenes of a moving comic, I saw a few women wearing black dresses, I saw a weird caterpillar like creature, all in comic style. As I tried to focus and change the scene I suddenly saw the purple swirls again and the caterpillars eye became the pulsating dot in the center of my vision as if this dot actually formed the pictures and scenes in front of my eyes! I was surprised to see that the whole scene collapsed and the glowing, pulsing dot was the only thing left from the scene.

After that I made one more time the intent to find and meet with my Higher Self. But I must have fallen asleep just to find myself in a disgusting dream. the amount of vividness and actual inflicted pain that I could feel was incredible, which makes me think was that really “Only” a dream? A dream that is so vivid that you actually want to check your body for the things that happened?


The dream began with me observing a facility of some kind. I don’t know what facility it was, only thing I know is I was just there and it seems as if being placed in there. With me there were other people, An Asian looking woman and a few others that I don’t really remember, as the scenes mostly involved the Asian woman, me and a man in black suit… (yeah again MIB)

Very shortly into the dream I knew something fishy was going on as I saw people running away or getting lost. But out of a sudden I had a flash and shift of scene and I saw this tall man in Black suite, he was carrying a very long silver metal looking device, it almost looked like a metal pickaxe, just instead of the two sharp ends it had a long needle on top of the stick! I could literally see it right there in front of me. This needle did not mean anything good at all.

I remember following the man slowly through the corridors and entering a room. As I peaked around the corner I saw that he approached the Asian looking woman who was lying on the bed, supposedly sleeping. He came closer to the woman and lifted this weird needle thing it was really huge! He stung the sharp needle into her belly button. In that moment I was forced in close up view on the belly button of her. The weird thing is I felt the sting in my belly button inside the dream. As if he really did not pushed it into her’s but my belly button!

The next moment the dream shifted and I was lying inside a bed and I saw this man approaching me with the needle thing which I figured by then was an implant device the needle was not just a needle it was like having an opening at the sharp end, designed to implant something. He held me down and wanted to sting this thing in the area close to my right breast, a little bit below, (oddly enough on that spot I have a red weird spot, but even before the dream. It just appeared someday without any reason)

I don’t know if he succeeded, but I only remember that I woke up in the morning inside the dream and I remembered that incident and I checked my upper body, I pulled my shirt up and the first sight was weird mole like spots that were not there before on my skin and are not there on my actual skin, at least not yet… As I looked further down I suddenly saw a huge yellow purulent lump on my right side. But it was not only this purulent lump as I looked closer at the spot I saw a disgusting looking hole in there I was in shock and how I could not wake up at that point I have no idea, but I looked deep into this hole and saw actually my inside. it was so deep that you could actually see the inside of my body… It was disgusting and I really have no idea what that has to do with meeting my higher self, but it really was a disgusting dream.

However… What is weird is that at the exact spot where this weird hole appeared in my dream I have a weird looking white pigment spot! The exact spot! I have it since childhood and actually on both sides of my body. I remember my Religion teacher in school telling us a story about how she was brought to life with pliers and because of that had on her flank side a white pigment spot. I really do not want to know what happened to me, but the fact that I have these white spots on both sides of my body makes me wonder what happened there.



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