Nightly meditation experience

Last night as every night I am happy to get into bed, why? Just because of the amazing experience that the silence and focus on my inner self brings to me. Sometimes revealing, sometimes vivid and sometimes very tactile!

Last night was a tactile experience. First thing I was aware of was a swirling of all kinds of purple shaded light in front of my closed eyes. Sometimes dark shadows would pass on the vision. Shadows that looked like heads going from one place to the next. I could not see them with physical open eyes, but I saw them with closed eyes.

I focused mainly on my third eye because I realized that most of my experiences are actually happening when the third eye is tactile pretty active. This can feel like intense pulling sensations or on the contrary like pushing sensations, almost as if something wanted to break through the forehead. I call it magnetism feeling as it feels either like two similar magnets are pushing each other or plus and minus are connecting each other. The same feeling I also felt many times in my crown chakra and once this pulling and intense feeling of magnetism is formed I can shift my focus on the heart center and usually then it becomes very heavy almost impossible around the chest, because the same feeling starts then happening in the heart. This is a sensation I still need to get used to, as it sometimes feels pretty suffocating. I believe it’s because my heart chakra is not wide open yet so it feels like pushing and pulling in all directions which can bring weird palpitations.

Interestingly enough the last couple of days it is my root chakra that gets active pretty fast after just focusing for a few seconds on it. It almost feels pulsing, like the pulsing that women know that comes after having an intense orgasm. This pulsing feels arousing and becomes stronger the longer you leave your awareness there. It almost seems it powers up every other energy center a long with it.

I also felt a sudden arriving muscle spasm or twitching in my right side above the hip bone. It was so strong I thought somebody was actually pushing me purposefully into the side many times in a row.

I tried to stay aware as long as possible, but at some point I must have fallen asleep and I actually had a dream which is now lost to me… I had an early appointment so I had no time to write everything down.

However I remember sitting with many people I actually know in real life at a table discussing things. But most of the conversations etc. is sadly gone…


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