Space Odyssey 2001 & My husbands experience

Last evening I asked my husband what he wanted to watch for the end of the day and he answer “a good Sci Fi movie would be great” I was all for it as I love all kind of Sci-Fi movies. So I checked a list of the best movies ever made and we decided on Space Odyssey 2001. an amazing movie which my husband watched when he was younger. But again he told me kind of down looking on me “But be careful not to miss anything, I know many people did not get the meaning of the movie right away. Let me know what you think afterwards“.

So I made sure not to miss anything about the story and possible meanings. The first scene involved apes in the prehistoric times on earth how they fought to protect a little place of left over water. Until suddenly out of nowhere a black rectangular monolith appeared in front of one group and the leader touched it and immediately evolved to use his hands and tools to protect himself. The next encounter was when humans landed on the moon and dug in the surface and the monolith would appear again, catapulting humanity even further up the evolution and transformation. The whole movie was full of spiritual meaning and knowledge that someone can not have just like that, unless he got it directly from source!

Then David went through a psychedelic trip with vision flashes, lights of color, tunnel vision and all kinds of images. At the end of this tunnel where those diamond shaped light ships that probably waited for him for the next evolutionary step.

At the end of the movie I let it all reflect upon me and I realized very fast what the movie meant for my own soul and inner being. My husband could not wait and just got up and seemed almost annoyed… As I let it filter through my mind and heart I recognized what happened in the movie and I just “knew”. So I went to my husband who was lying in bed and told him “I think I know what the monolith meant“. And he got pissed at me and answered “Not interesting…” I did not understand and tried to find out what he means and then he started again that I know everything, have no questions whatsoever, I am self absorbed and do not let outside sources penetrate me. Which is true I trust my inner knowing more than I do any given outside input. But that’s foreign for him.

However we went to sleep after that and I was glad the night has arrived to stop this argument which was really not needed…

This morning we drove to a coffee place and talked about the movie, seemingly okay and I told him about my opinion of what it may mean. We talked about it a lot until we came to the visions and the psychedelic trip. At the end the diamond shaped light ships that waited for him and my husband finally opened up about an experience he used to have when he was a kid. He said people have no idea what these light things are. They are implant stations… (really he thinks that from everything that is existing out of light, light is bad…)

He said when he was young he used to see those weird light apparitions in his bed room and thought he was dreaming about them every night, but he knew he was aware. He believes it’s implants but what I actually think is that he had encounters with ETs which he tries to erase or describe as being something completely different. I think he was scared about seeing them and closed this part of him off. It almost seems he had the clairvoyant sight once, but not anymore. Of course when you lose that sight you think it was something weird in your head. But only people who have it active right now, know what it really is.

I also told him that one of the scenes looked like what I see when I sometimes close my eyes. The green void that looks like a huge iris and pupil!

green eye

But my husband says “So what? it’s just images… they are meaningless…” For me they are far more than meaningless, because they come with vision flashes and information that I did not know about before.


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