Root chakra/tailbone active – dreamless nights

The last two days I have tons of dreams I remember very vividly that I had tons of dreams and yet upon each awakening the dreams I had are like erased all that is left is a knowingness that there was a lot going on in my dream life but what it was is completely lost to me. However I am certain it is a process of integration and so it’s probably needed to have full & deep sleep in order to integrate everything that was going on the last couple of weeks.

When I meditate yesterday I was lying on the floor, i like floor meditations as every sensation somehow gets highlighted while lying on a harder surface. As I was drifting of just relaxing everything and also my eyes, I focused on my third eye and also tried to keep some awareness on my heart chakra as I suddenly felt a very familiar buzzing inside my tailbone, in fact it was so strong that I felt it on the floor beneath my buttocks. It was literally buzzing. Sometimes it would stop just to give away a strong surge sensation with a strong buzzing. The longer I focused on this buzzing in my tailbone the more it felt kind of arousing. Which reminds me of the very beginning of my Awakening, as it started as sudden surges of buzzing in the root which nearly brought on an orgasm. It was kind of the same sensation but more subtle this time. However strong enough to feel it stop and surging!

Oddly enough this morning I woke up and my husband turned around placing his leg across my lower back and I don’t know why but this placement of his leg on my lower spine was very uncomfortable and it almost hurt my lower back. As if the lower back was kind of sore from the surges yesterday.

However it’s kind of sad that I do not remember any dreams right now. However I trust the process and think it will return once everything I saw in these light flashes gets integrated.


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