Ear Tones Journal


I decided to start a journal. I try to the best of my ability to track down everything that happened since my childhood in order to find out more about memories that are supposedly lost to me. Since my Awakening Experience in August 2014 I am aware and conscious about an ever present white noise tone that I can pick up on. I always described it as fast racing whistle or some sort of rotation noise. And it’s also audible when I completely clock my ears! It seems to come from around my head actually! But the white noise is not the only noise that I started hearing since then.

in the very beginning of my Awakening I started hearing weird electrical growling sounds on both of my ears. In two instances this happened before my husband would find something disturbing about his body. The first instance happened while I was sitting at the computer and listening to music through my headphones. As the song ended I kept the earphones on, which made any tone I was hearing more pronounced actually. after a while I suddenly heard this weird buzzing, electrical rumbling inside my ear. it actually made a very weird noise, coming from my left ear. 2 seconds later my husband came out of a shower and asks me “what the heck is this?” He lifts his hand and shows me his palm (one of my visions became true: https://kundaliniawakeningprocess.wordpress.com/2015/10/10/a-small-list-of-visions-downloads-ive-had-since-august-2014/) as I looked on his hand I saw a weird bump/lump on his palm, the odd thing about it was that it was slightly hard but also movable under the skin. It reminded me a lot about the sudden bump or lump that I developed kind of over night on my right foot! My husband went to the doctor and he said, he cannot do anything about it, it either grows and his fingers will be pulled towards the palm or it stays like that.

The second time this electrical growling noise happened was when I was lying in bed and with my left ear on my husbands shoulder. as I suddenly heard this same noise as at the first time. This time my husband woke up in the middle of the night, went to the piano and played a few notes. I felt he was scared and indeed he lost a lot of frequencies on his right ear! He said if you snap your finger beside the ear it just is silence, he cannot hear it. He was so scared about this development over night that he took heavy steroids (Prednisone) to repair the hearing. He was totally crazy during that time, almost psychotic and we nearly had a breakup during that time also, because he stated that he saw disgusting pictures around me and knew that I was involved in weird practices. No idea how he knew. But discovering so many things lately I would not be surprised if these pictures were flashed up in his mind.

However these were not the only ear noises and tones since then. I remember very vividly that I sat at the computer as the air beside my left ear suddenly became dense and I felt something entering my left ear accompanying a weird buzzing and popping sensation. Like something literally was moved in and out repeatedly in high speed! up to this date I have no idea what that was. But since then it happened one more time and I heard that pppppppp sound from my left ear again.

I experienced sudden complete deafness on the right ear and then a loud high frequency flute/clarinet tone came through! Or a sudden heightened awareness about a change in the frequency of  the ever present white noise. In the beginning it was very high pitched, lately it changes sometimes to a lower pitch. But then I realized that some tones actually mean something. As I stood in front of a red street light waiting for it to turn green I drove up to the intersection as I suddenly heard a high pitched ringing in my left ear. I somehow stopped and suddenly a black car rushed from the left side (driver side) across the intersection and would have crashed into me if I would not have stopped! So the ringing in my ear saved my life!

And recent discoveries about possible ET interaction led me to create a journal of this ear tone phenomenon in the hope to find out what different tones mean and when they appear.


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