Ear Tones Journal Entries 10/03 – 10/16/2015

Time 9:27 PM

I was writing my blog post about my recognition about Alien Abductions, When I came to the point of writing about the strange sounds in my ears that started at that time of my Awakening, I suddenly heard a high pitched ringing in my left ear.

Time 12:10 PM

I was reading on an abduction symptom list and came to the point: #38. Do you have nightmares about doctors or medical procedures? As my right ear suddenly started ringing for a few seconds.

Time 4:29 PM

I was sending promotion letters for my husband as I focus down on my screen on a specific e-mail address as suddenly my right ear made a weird gong noise, kind of like a tiny electric jolt with tuning fork tone.

Time 12:14 AM

I signaled into the sky with my flashlight, and saw a star constellation, I never saw before. Very tiny stars and a lot all on one spot. After that I was watching my husband’s laptop screen as he talked in bed with his bank in Israel as I suddenly heard a very high pitched ringing in my left ear.

Time 1:03 PM

I was reading my blog post another time and when I reached this sentence: “I didn’t think anything about it, as it happened again I was more cautious to what happened.” I suddenly heard a weird gong like low tone ringing in my left ear.

Time 10:00 AM

I slept longer than usual after some weird flashes in the clouds last evening I went to bed pretty exhausted and just needed to sleep. As I woke up this morning I realized I have this weird muffled, metallic noise in my right ear. Every time I heard a loud noise such as my own voice or sneezing and crumbling of plastic bags my right ear would ring combining the noise that was already there. Very weird phenomenon, which I had once in the same ear when I was 14-15 years old. But then I was witness of how it actually began. I was in the indoor ice rink in Germany as suddenly my right ear got deaf and the whole day afterwards I heard everything as if there was a metallic undertone. This was gone after that but supposedly happened again this morning and came over night.

Time 9:04 PM

We came home from another trip to the hot chocolate place that we went to last evening. As I went into my office room while walking and not really thinking about anything I suddenly hear a low pitched gong and a longer staying tone on my right ear. It was like the ear got deaf for a few seconds after the low pitched gong and then a higher pitched tone came through. I am still experiencing metallic after sounds on the right ear. As I type this journal entry every click on my keyboard gets followed by a weird pitch change in the right ear. It almost seems like the changed that my left ear went through since 2014 do now start on the right ear as well.

Around 1 AM

I was lying in my bed just trying to meditate, as I heard a very strong ringing in my ears. It was a lot of buzzing and I started hearing an almost melodically shift in frequencies on my left ear, almost as if the tones changes pitch a few times. Sudden white light flashes and the feeling as if my right little toe was pulled towards the outside. During the night I was startled a few times by weird bangs and cracks in my room. There first one happened at the ceiling, it was a tiny crack almost like a tap. The second noise came from the corner of my computer desk, it cracked a few times in a row and it almost seemed as if my computer keyboard cracked very loud. These noises kept me startling throughout the night. When I opened my eyes I checked my surroundings, but I could not see anything, except colorful static particles in the room. Almost like sparkles of different colors. I can sometimes see them very clearly.


3 thoughts on “Ear Tones Journal Entries 10/03 – 10/16/2015

  1. Vibrant says:

    Hello again,

    I feel you are suffering from paranoia.

    I also did once(2012)

    I feel that is why sages have suggested to be involved in Satsang(holy company) as well as Seva(service.)

    I am not an agent of aliens who want to abduct you. No I am not. I am also undergoing awakening like you and million others. I feel if we do service and prayer along with meditation, it makes things easier for us.

    Meditation in absence of good company and service could make us paranoid and make us suffer instead of really making us blissful. When we are thinking about ourselves all the time, especially in states of heightened sensitivity, such as yours–it’s often cause of negativity and delusions.

    Then there is a possibility: You are right. I am totally wrong. We are experiments of aliens and they are abducting us. In which case I pray to the supreme power which resides in every heart to protect us.

    Love and light ❤

    Anand 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • talynia says:

      I know you only want my best, but please do never evaluate the experience of another individual. As what I experience may not be in your reality, but it is very real and tactile to me.

      I will when the time comes find out what this all means.

      Until then best wishes with love and light! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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