Light flashes in clouds, sudden hearing change

Last night we went to a beautiful place in Agoura Hills, it’s called Tifa’s Chocolate and Gelato! I can suggest this place to anyone who loves chocolate it is amazing. Never drank so good hot choco! As we were driving on the freeway in the direction of Agoura Hills we saw enormous flashes in the clouds behind the mountains. It was flashing very bright sometimes so bright the whole cloud would glow up. However there was no thunder booms coming after each flash. My husband thought it’s because it’s too far away, but in all honesty I even saw the flashes around our houses area. I have no idea what was going on but other people also saw them.

Quote from a friend:

I only saw it for a minute, but it surprised me to see it at all. One girl on Nora’s page said this: “It looked like a meteor shower up here. I don’t know how far off they were, but they let off these huge flashes of blue, red and white. One almost looked light purple. All 5 of them directly overhead. It was wild.

I can only assume that L.A. now is being worked on by “unseen” forces. I know they are all around our planet and that they possible work on the earth grid. It could be what we all saw was really not a usual thunder. It looked too wild!


In the night I started my daily meditation and first thing I realized was that my heart chakra was rumbling a lot. I never felt it so strongly active, almost jumpy inside my chest. I stayed calm and just took the wild ride. I had tons of dreams and yet I fail to remember any of them… So many different scenes. I also remember white light flashes behind my closed eyes.

As I woke up in the morning I felt like I could have slept even longer, however my husband got up and said “what the heck is going on here? It’s already 10:00 AM, we sleep longer and longer…” Yeah he hates getting up late, but for me it seems to be currently needed to rest deeply with a long sleep… Longer than usual that is for sure!

But then I realized something else as I came to full awareness after getting up I suddenly had this odd feeling and sensation inside my right ear. It almost felt metallic. I heard a very loud ringing tone in my right ear and every loud noise like sneezing or crumbling a plastic bag created even weird ringing noises. I would cough or sneeze and it almost felt like the loud noise created a weird after tone. I don’t know what happened tonight but the fact that it again happened over night shows me there was something going on. I hear everything but for some reason or another every noise that is a little louder creates a ringing under tone…

I went outside and saw a lot of clouds, suddenly I heard this extreme loud sonic noise in the sky I looked up and could not see anything. But out of nowhere the cloud above me would move like totally weird it thinned and seemed to move very fast while there was no wind whatsoever! Then as the cloud thinned I saw a very far away jet flying above me with high speed. It was very far away but loud as hell…

As I went inside and came out again the cloud was gone like it never existed!


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