Signals and Vision flashes

Last evening I somehow had the urge to do something I never did before. I heard a lot of ringing in my ears last evening and was reminded of the Morse code that comes in 3’s. Like this:

Click (break)  Click – Click

So what I decided was to go out on the balcony as the stars were shining bright and I saw a constellation that I never saw before. It was a pattern of many very tiny stars all beside each other like a very far away star system. But yet caught my attention when I looked out towards the sky. So I took a flashlight, held it towards this star constellation and blinked it in the exact pattern as I hear the Morse Click Codes. Blink (break) Flash, Flash.
I did it a few times so whoever was out there would not miss it. After that I just stood there and looked up the sky, as I felt a strong vibration in my root chakra and I felt underneath my feet that the balcony was kind of shaking for a second.

After that I went inside and lay down beside my husband in bed. He was busy calling his Israeli bank, as they do not allow online transfer and transferring money from there to the USA is always a problem. As I listened to his conversations I suddenly heard a ringing in my left ear. I checked the clock and it was 12:14. I decided to create a journal with these information:

Date / Time
What tone was heard / which ear?
What happened before the tone appeared?

This way I can maybe find out a pattern in why the ringing appears and what it possible means.

When my husband was finally ready with his phone call he told me “great I wanted to go to sleep 2 hours ago and this bank nonsense kept me awake almost 2 hours… Now I am of course at a point where sleep will not come that easy.

And in fact he tossed around a few times, until suddenly everything went quiet and he did not move one bit anymore. It was as if shut off, even though he said he could not sleep. I was lying on my back and meditated. I tried this time another approach. When I reach a certain relaxing state of mind I tried to visualize certain moments in my life to find out if memories would maybe return this way. The noise on my ears was pretty loud and many times I heard a high pitched frequency. At some point I turned on to my right side as it feels more comfortable this way. I closed my eyes again and just stayed quiet without visualization. It was then when I suddenly got flashed with a bright light and a very quick sudden scene appeared in front of my eyes.

With a blink of a flash I saw a very tiny cut of a scene, I did not see faces or really anything, except a white coat and I saw a hand and another bigger hand reaching for it and grab it from above. If you imagine it you would hold your hand palm side down and another hand is being places on top of the back of your hand as if someone lay his hand on yours! That was all, the flash disappeared and with it the vision as well. This time I tried to ask what this was and what it means, I tried visualization of the same scene that I just was being shown and as I did this it was like I was stuck with this image, I could not see anything more except that one image, as I tried further I got flashed with yet another bright light and another vision came in. It was not very clear this time but what I saw was some kind of the upper part of a bed and I saw a person lying in it. It’s always pieces of visuals, it’s never a whole scene, as if on purpose the rest of it is being erased or not being allowed to see.

Like with the white coat, I only saw the lower part of the coat and the hands, but I have no idea who this coat belonged to.

After this second vision flash nothing happened anymore and I just tried to continue my meditation. But then I get interrupted again by a very odd sensation of something stinging above my left breast once. I didn’t think anything about it, as it happened again I was more cautious to what happened. And as it happened a third time it was in fact so painful the sting that my whole body jerked a little bit. I immediately opened my eyes to see if anything was there that caused this weird needle like sting in my chest! But I did not see anything, but I felt that there might have been something out of my visual perception because as I looked towards the wall I saw weird light streaks moving inside the peripheral of my vision.

What is weird about this whole thing is that since my Awakening my body creates tons of very tiny red spots all over my upper body. On my Chest, two of them directly where the throat chakra is located and many on my back around the upper part of my spine! I never had these red spots before and I also never have mole just creating themselves out of nowhere. I know my body and I know when stuff appears that was not there before. also my arms have very, very tiny red spots. The weird thing is when I scratch them they seem to disappear but 1 second later they bleed through again.

These appeared after one night when I felt a strong pulling sensation in my throat chakra, this resulted in a huge blow off reaction where I needed to cough strong. Since that day however my thyroid seems to function normal again. I had a thyroid problem since I was 15 years old…


And these appeared over the last couple of weeks and months. However the one above my left breast on the chest is new. I did not see this one before. Interestingly enough that’s the spot where I felt the stinging pain last night.


What that all means? I have no idea so far, all I know is that these vision flashes show me something but do not allow me to see the whole scene. It would be helpful if I could have seen more of the scene with the person and he white coat for example. But somehow his face seemed to be not important or was simply not recoverable from my memory?

Something to read which is very interesting: (Also possible picture which I find very interesting, for you Dayna!)


2 thoughts on “Signals and Vision flashes

  1. Dayna says:

    Wow! That drawing looks very much like the one I saw and he described her to a T. And the dark aliens, I wonder if those were the ones I saw standing over me? They were very tall and hovering over me but so dark I could not see them well. And the light language is even in there. Thanks for sharing this with me!

    Liked by 1 person

    • talynia says:

      I don’t know how I found this page. I actually looked for these tiny red dots that sometimes appear on my skin after experiences in the night and suddenly I found this page and though OMG I need to share this with you! 🙂 I am glad you liked it I also though right away that the dark beings may be the one that I saw in a vision flash once. Tall, dark, oblong head, I could not see mouth eyes and nose though.

      Liked by 1 person

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