Last nights experience

Last evening was stressful with a lot of arguments with my husband. But thankfully one of his friends came over and cooled the whole situation down.  However something interesting happened during these conversations. I did not know that my husband hit the back of his head when he was in Florida in a swimming pool! He told his friend yesterday that there was this little girl who was German, she said to her mother pointing to my husband in the pool “Look there is a man swimming” and my husband told her in German “Yes I can swim” In that moment the girl wanted to run towards the end of the pool and my husband tried to beat her while swimming backwards with her. And he was not aware that he came close to the end of the pool and hit his head. He said he nearly drowned. Now guess what, I did not know this story, he never told me and yet a few days ago I had this dream: Isn’t that interesting? I dreamed about my husband being thrown inside a swimming pool by two men and the second try he hit his neck on the edge of the pool and I thought he died right there! it seems someone or something gave me a hint of what was going on.


I went to bed, my husband wanted to sleep alone to get enough rest after all the stressful and scary symptoms from last evening. So I took the time to do my nightly meditation. The first thing however I noticed was that during the time when my husband and his friend were talking I heard a strong ring in my left ear. I had the whole night strong buzzing inside my ears.

While I lay on my back without covers as it was quite hot actually, I stared through the dark room and saw in the peripheral of my vision white light patterns on my right side where the window was and the wall. It almost looked like something was there with me. I did not see a form, it was just a sight of a white shadow silhouette that somehow manifested in the peripheral of my eyes. I did not make conscious contact this time, I only said in my mind “I won’t contact you right now, it’s up to you now how to proceed with me.”

A few minutes later I suddenly felt a strong stinging pain inside my right shoulder blade, like a needle was stuck inside my back. While I was lying on my back. The same moment when I felt that sting I suddenly had a strong electrical jolt GONG inside both of my ears. It really gonged me at that moment.

a little bit later I started feeling weird shiver and an electrical clam feeling around the left side of my face, as if something was holding it, it always cringes me when this happens at the face because my nerves in that moment react and it feels like a tiny electric jolt in that area. the shivers mainly came from my left body side and spread from the navel area to the left side of my body.

I have no idea when I fell asleep, but I do not remember any dreams from tonight.

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