Weird experiences after jaw surgery!

It is very funny that I have so many surgery dreams that have nothing to do with the actual surgeries that I had in my life!

First thing first, when I was a kid I used to become sick really A LOT! I don’t just say that, but I actually mean it! I was always sick. Every few weeks I would get a throat infection and my tonsils would become thick and swollen and become purulent. This repeated so many times I cannot even count how many times I had throat pain and problems swallowing. Then I had some kind of asthmatic disease doctors actually believed I have gotten Asthma. every night without failure I would start coughing like crazy, it happened only in the night and ONLY at home at that time. In school I was not supposed to do sport because of my short breath during that time. But mysteriously I would NOT cough at school whatsoever. But as soon I arrived home the attacks would start. At some point I don’t remember how they found out actually, they figured that it was not asthma but whooping cough. It took 6 weeks until I was healed from that disease.

I needed to take some immune boosters as my immune system was extremely low in my childhood. Which AGAIN reminds me of the movie Dark Skies. In which the abducted child was ALWAYS sick in his childhood…

Then on top of everything I needed to get braces for my teeth as I had a fail bite and my jaw nose downwards began to grow left side father and stronger than the right side. So a surgery was planned for after my 18th birthday. Until that point I still had problems with my tonsils etc. But I never bothered to take them out.

2008 I had my big surgery in which both jaws low and up were broken and rotated in order to fit correctly and to get into correct biting position. after the surgery the surgeon told me he also worked on my nose septum as it was slightly crooked… and he pulled my wisdom teeth in the upper jaw. Now this was a huge surgery and I had no pain whatsoever… Please explain this to me! When I woke up from the anesthesia I took a magazine and was reading in it. My surgeon was surprised when he saw that.

Since then I did not have anymore problems with my throat. No swollen tonsils etc. Nothing… Until I actually took a look into my throat. While I always saw at least my left tonsil because it was thicker than the right one I now don’t see any tonsils at all! O.O Now explain that to me! I would love to go to a physician and ask them if I actually still have tonsils. I did not know a jaw surgeon can take out tonsils??? It just does not make any sense. And I swear since then I never had throat problems again! Which is kind of a miracle actually! because I used to ALWAYS have tonsil problems.

I do remember however one evening while I was lying in my room in the hospital that i suddenly got overwhelmed by a weird feeling in my chest as if my heart was starting to race. I called the nurse right there and she checked my pulse and told me that my pulse was completely normal… So what did I feel? And what happened during my surgery?


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