Important Revelation!

I just had an amazing revelation about a few of my dreams. I realized that in many dreams I would meet up with a man of Asian background. Skin, eyes everything showed me that I was talking to an Asian. I had so many dreams in which I was taught something. I remember very vivid dreams I had a couple of years ago. In this dream I was meeting up with an Asian young man who tried to teach me how to do Telekinesis! In that dream I actually did it as he taught me and it was amazing. He said to me in that dream “Try to think outside of your body. When you reach with your hand towards an object just try to think with your hand and arm instead and make it longer than it is.” I understood in the dream exactly what he meant and how it works. It was a very realistic dream!

another time I met with an Asian looking guy it was as I made an intend to visit my mother in Germany through an Out of Body experience. The thing is I remember that I was in my dream there but not in the right time line. I saw the house and that it had no front yard gate, as it has now. My mother confirmed when I was not born yet there was NO gate! How could I know it? My mother never told me. i always thought the gate was there since I did not know it to be different.

As I was there in my dream I tried to reach my mother but nobody was there. hen I remember that the Asian young man came and told me “as it was then, so it is now…” I never understood what he wanted to tell me with that, I mean it was a very short sentence and easy enough to remember. But I slowly begin to see what he means with that. Whatever is happening now was already happening then. So whatever I experience happened already to that time when the gate was not there yet in a time when I was not born yet.

Which brings me to the next total weird feeling. I was born with 2 weird white pigment points on my left and right side of the body. Right above the hip bones! I never thought anything about it. But then in school our religion teacher told us that she was brought to life with pliers and that’s why she has these white pigment spots on one of her sides. When I heard that my jaw dropped… My mother never told me that I was brought to life with pliers, that she had problems during the pregnancy! And yet these white marks are weird and show some kind of appliance when I was a baby!

Now guess what… My mother also told me that she tried for many months to become pregnant, but it never worked. She had some kind of hormonal problem and could not get a baby the usual way. So they tried until there was no more choice, she consulted doctors and tried it with hormonal therapy. Which then supposedly worked. But then I think what did the Asian young man mean with the sentence As it was then, so it is now!

I found it always weird that I really do not have that strong bond with my mother that she has with me. I am her only child and she is literally clinging to me. I do not feel the same way. I always felt more connected to my father who died July 2012, however I wonder if this is all connected somehow.

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