A small list of visions / downloads I’ve had since August 2014

I decided to create a list of vision flashes that I had since my Awakening. It all started from August 2014 on when I had my strong Awakening experience that just hit me out of nowhere, after a prayer to god to show me what happened to my father. How fitting that it happened a few days after this prayer. As if I was activated to understand what happened. From August on I suddenly developed this glowing dot in the center of my vision. A pulsating dot with light particles in it and it is there open eyes and closed eyes. Since this dot appeared nothing is the same anymore in regards to my vision and perception of sight.

In the night while I meditated I would get sudden white light flashes sometimes in combination with a weird tap feeling on my head or my forehead, (like in the movie LOST TIME, when the Man in Black alien touched the victims forehead) These white light flashes would come suddenly and show a very short vision flash of something that just suddenly glows up in front of my face like a floating picture coming in my direction.


  1. The very first vision flash that I had 2014 was seeing a hand in front of me, as if I placed my own hand in front of me and held up the palm side. That’s all… just the hand palm like I would show my palm to someone.
  2. The next vision flash was seeing a round table in front of some kind of restaurant and a man with brown hair, curly hair and glasses. He just stood up from the chair and looked in my direction…
  3. The third vision flash was more specific. I was woken by my husband’s tossing in the night and I turned to the right side but left my eyes closed. Suddenly out of nowhere I started seeing a tunnel vision and colorful mandalas came floating in my direction, kind of like a download or transmission of some kind. When the first mandalas came up close I saw 1 of them transform into the head of the pharaoh with the snake coming out of his head. The 2nd mandala transformed into the head of the Egyptian god Toth. I don’t know why it was important to see these pictures up till this day.
  4. The fourth vision flash started showing me random very clear faces up in front of my own face with closed eyes. Every night I would see another face of people I supposedly do not know and yet I saw them very clearly in front of me! I saw a man with piercing blue eyes, older generation, and grey hair. All faces were full of expression and most of them looked angry at me… But every single time I would try to focus on them my heart would jump without any reason.
  5. The fifth vision flash was the last one that showed me faces! But this time it was not a face of a human. Suddenly with a white light flash I saw another being’s face in front of me. It was tall, dark grey in color. Its head was oblong and I could not see any eyes, mouth or even a nose. It was just there in front of my face staring at me. When I saw it I was curious and tried to focus on it, but again my heart jumped without reason.. And each time the vision would fade away.
  6. Then there was quiet time and also my experiences got less during this break time. Until much later it returned.
  7. The sixth vision flash was another tunnel vision but this time instead of mandalas I saw hundreds of book pages floating mid air in my direction, I mean literally hundreds of pages full with text. I was overwhelmed and tried to focus on anything but could not, the pages were floating too fast.
  8. The seventh vision flash was kind of like the sixth vision. But this time I saw a floating grid like an excel sheet in front of me and I saw hundreds of numbers on it. There were so many numbers and a few of them were circled in red. I think I remember either 460 or 640.
  9. The eights vision flash was another tunnel vision this time however I saw hundreds of websites all floating in my direction, this time it was however not just stand still pictures but I saw movements on single pages, like scrolling, clicking etc. But again too fast to actually see which websites these were!
  10. The 9th vision was a weird one, as I suddenly saw random letters in a language that I never saw in my conscious life. I saw symbols and letters that looked weird and I remember a word that started with a weird looking E or 3 no idea. I now realize that these letters are a language used by “THEM”!
  11. The 10th vision flash happened while I was relaxing on our sofa in the living room. I tried to meditate and I suddenly felt a tapping on my forehead, right after that I saw a white light flash and another stand still picture flashed up in front of me. This time it was a tall being, very pale in color, almost white looking. Piercing blue eyes and I think I remembered blonde hair. It was a 2D picture that floated in front of me for a few seconds long enough to burn inside my memory.

This was the last vision flash of this kind. Since then I had other flashes of memories or experiences. Like once in the night as I tried to meditate I suddenly saw how I looked through a metallic corridor, like from a ship or something else. As I realized what I was seeing something happened and it is NOT the first time this happened with certain memory flashes. Suddenly out of nowhere the vision would flash white and en energetic windshield wiper wishes over the scene and removing it again. This is very weird, because it almost seems something does not want me to see these things. Imagine you are being shown a scene and then a huge light flash from left to right flushes the scene and removes it in front of your closed eyes!

In another vision flash memory or something else I have no idea what it was, I was going through the floor in the dark of our house and as I was going through it I suddenly saw my husband in front of me, he turned around and looked at me with an angry expression, this knocked me right back and the vision disappeared.

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