Answers from my mother and a always repeating pattern!

So as I am I research everything so much so that no doubt stays open. I come to the conclusion that I have had experienced more than I can remember from my early childhood up to this day! there are certain aspects of my childhood where I remember key elements but the rest is like erased or completely crumbled inside my mind! For example I know for certain that I was very afraid of my closet in Germany when I was very young. why or because of what however is missing from my memory. I have no idea what made me afraid…

Another evidence of that same phenomenon was happening at the backside of our backyard, I know and remember that I was extremely scared once I crossed a certain point in our backyard and then just started running like crazy towards the house.

This morning I decided to ask my mother about these open questions. I asked her if she remember from the past what I was afraid of in both instances, why or from what i was scared from my closet and if she ever had a similar experience when she was younger and her answers are kind of confirming to me that there was more which I just cannot recall anymore.

  1. My mother remembered that one evening I was crying like crazy running down the stairs and screamed that there is a monster in my closet! What kind of monster she could not answer me. I was so afraid at that time and she told me that I did not want to go upstairs anymore. (Which I do not remember! I do not remember that I was even so scared to not go up to my room anymore) So my father went upstairs and checked the closet and came downstairs and told us that nothing was there. Still not really believing what he said, my mother took me upstairs and she let me open the closet and nothing was there. She told me it must have been a bad dream! I know I was not afraid of a dream, in fact I do not even remember that I was dreaming before I was scared out of nowhere…
  2. My mother told me that I used to play with my toys in the back part of our yard and I had a sand hill there which I used to play in with dinosaurs (I remember that) But then one evening I got scared by something back there and did not want to go back there anymore. My mother said something in the bushes or so, I never told her actually what I saw or heard, but I was so scared that it took a long time for me to regain courage to go back there. (Again I have no recollection whatsoever, WHAT the heck scared me there) It almost seems that key elements are missing from my memory and replaced by some screening memory but what happened in between is gone…
  3. My mother also told me that she and her mother were living in an apartment that had a door man downstairs and they liked him a lot, he was always very nice. But then out of nowhere my mother started having this repeating dream of this man, they came into the house floor and saw the man but then out of nowhere the man would disappear and a white noise TV screen appeared which made my mother afraid and jerked her out of sleep every single time. If i had not read so much about other abductees stories I would say it was just a bad dream, but the way this dream was portrayed was smelling a lot like a VRS Virtual reality Screen dream, which is used to make the person think they dream this while they in reality are abducted without their knowing.

Now I remembered after this that I also had two key dreams when I was very young. One of them was me standing in a dark mansion and suddenly there was this guy in black coat, with a top hat and no face. I got scared and ran away and every single time I would wake up in panic after this scene. The dream would repeat almost nightly!

Another dream i had which is a key dream in these situations is that somebody gave me a black box and whenever I opened it and looked inside the box I got so scared that I woke up. These were nightmares without really having to be nightmares,  I was scared without a reason of a black box and I did not even see the thing that was inside after opening it, all I remember is that I got scared and after that everything was black. No memory whatsoever what happened after that dream.

Now the interesting part from today. I found this amazing page where a doctor interviewed a lot of abductees (mostly women) about their experiences, which could be retrieved with Regression hypnosis. the one thing most all of them had in common was that the Grays who were most reported, gave them in their experiences BLACK BOXES and whenever they looked inside their brain got flashed by terrible pictures of events happening or soon to be happening. Many of these women also got told what will happen to humanity and that they are the CHOSEN ones. Many females went through ova extraction and helped somehow creating hybrid races, children who look like children but are most part Alien in genetics. What is also very interesting is that all of these women who had abduction experiences or sightings the days after or preceding an abduction saw the sudden arrival of weird unnamed and unbranded black helicopters that were flying very low and always above her house. Now call me paranoid but since some time now during the day and also late in the night I hear them flying over our house as well! One day I was standing outside as I hear this extreme loud chopper noise and I look towards the sky and there were two black helicopters with open doors and Army men standing at these doors looking outside. I did not see from where they were coming and neither did I think anything weird about it, but the fact that ALL experiencers saw these helicopters on a daily basis and also had abductions with military personal tells me something is going on.

If you want know more and see what I am talking about read these interviews about these women who all report one way or the other how their abductions came to their consciousness and how they lost time during just day to day work etc. And on top of that the marks and implants that resulted from these experiences. Scoop marks, sudden red dots on the skin that look like needle stings right after blood test was done, blue spots that look like you hurt yourself during the night? Or even unexplainable back pain and stiffness in the morning? All these are reported.


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