More evidence!

So on my research on the subject of Abductions and experiences with these beings I found some startling evidence. A list composed by a researcher network and 1000 of people who reported their experiences. Let’s go through the list and I will highlight and explain the points that are true for me!


  1. Have had unexplainable missing or lost time of one hour or more, or periods in my life? YES I do not remember most of my earlier childhood!
  2. Have been paralyzed in bed with a being in your room?
  3. Have unusual scars or marks with no possible explanation on how you received them (small scoop indentation, straight line scar, triangular marks, scars in roof of mouth, in nose, behind or in ears, etc.)?  YES – many times in the morning when I wake up I suddenly find myself having a weird soreness on the roof of my mouth. just the last three days this soreness was there again, leading to me not being able to eat citrus fruit or salty things… 4 days ago I awoke in the morning and had a weird very tiny scratching mark on my left upper leg. It was very tiny and looked like a small line scratch, however I did not remember scratching my legs
  4. Have seen balls of light or flashes of light in your home or other locations? YES usually very subtle in the corner of my eyes or sometimes even in full vision fading in and out. Especially in the evening hours.
  5. Have a memory of flying through the air, by levitation or flying, or many dreams of flying? YES in my childhood I had tons of very realistic flying dreams.
  6. Have a strong “marker memory” that will not go away (i.e.: an alien face, an examination, a needle, a table, a strange skinny baby, etc.)? YES I had many dreams during my childhood that had to do with teeth, tooth pulling dreams and dentist dreams!
  7. Have seen beams of light outside your home, or come into your room through a window? NO
  8. Have had many dreams of UFOs, beams of light or alien beings? YES in my childhood I had dreams of UFOs and weird flying objects in neighborhoods I did not know!
  9. Have had a shocking UFO sighting or multiple sightings in your life? I am actually not sure. I believe I saw something when I was very young outside when I was at my grandmother’s home. It was far away and had red white lights that almost looked like a straight line. That’s all I remember. However it did not fly in weird patterns.
  10. Have a strong sense of having a mission or important task to perform, sometime, without knowing where this compulsion is coming from? Like a urge to evolve spiritually on all cost? The yes!
  11. For women only: Have had false pregnancy or missing fetus (pregnant, and then not)? UNCERTAIN my period never came very reliable and I never kept a calendar because of that, because it always used to come either a month late or sometimes even twice in one month. There was a time here in L.A. after intercourse that I actually thought I was pregnant. I got nauseous a lot while driving etc. my period did not come.. But then out of a sudden a month later it would come again.
  12. Have awoken in another place than where you went to sleep, or don’t remember ever going to sleep (i.e. waking up with your head at the foot of your bed, or in your car)? NO but I remember in my childhood one night I had the feeling of falling down a black hole and when I hit the ground it literally felt like I landed physically in my bed.
  13. Have had a dream of eyes such as animal eyes (like an owl or deer), or remember seeing an animal looking in at you or in your house? NO but I had fear of the huge eyes of my Gizmo Gremlin plush animal!
  14. Have strong reaction to pictures of ET’s/aliens. Either an aversion to or being drawn to? YES no aversion but I am drawn to them. Whenever I see them or watch movies with them my body creates extreme strong surges of inner shivers
  15. Have inexplicably strong fears or phobias (i.e. heights, snakes, spiders, doctors, hospitals, certain sounds, bright lights, flying, or being alone)? YES I was always afraid of doctors and their instruments… Sometimes so strong that I would get red panic rashes around my neck when I saw them approaching me with the metal instruments.
  16. Do you or members of your family have Dyslexia, ADD, ADHD, ODD, Aspergers or Autism? NO not that I can think of.
  17. Have seen someone with you become paralyzed, motionless, frozen or acting like a zombie and doing things out of the norm? UNCERTAIN my husband sometimes becomes weird around me, depressive and straight forward mean towards me, this can happen out of a sudden, from one moment to the next. As if replaced by another person.
  18. Have a memory of having a special place with spiritual significance, when you were a youngster? NO not that I can remember at least.
  19. Have had someone in your life that claims to have witnessed a ship or alien near you or has witnessed you having been missing? NO
  20. Have an interest in the subject of UFO sightings or aliens, perhaps compelled to read everything you can or watch videos, movies and all shows about this subject? YES
  21. Have an extreme aversion towards the subject of UFO’s or aliens – don’t want to talk about it?
  22. Have been suddenly compelled to drive or walk to an out of the way or unknown area? YES I always wanted to leave Germany and go to the USA, which is the place I had my Awakening experience.
  23. Have the feeling of being watched much of the time, especially at night? YES oddly enough I sometimes have the feeling, especially when being alone.
  24. Have had dreams of passing through a closed window or solid wall? NO
  25. Have seen a strange fog or haze that should not be there? YES I do see weird looking mist in our house I actually believed it was because of all the visual changes that I experienced the last couple of months.
  26. Have heard strange humming or pulsing sounds, and you could not identify the source? YES especially in the night and sometimes even while sitting at the computer!
  27. Have had unusual nosebleeds at any time in your life. Or have awoken with a nosebleed? YES actually I do have them… Sometimes in the morning when I wake up and blow my nose I see dried up blood clots come out of my nose which should not be there.
  28. Have had, at any time, blood or a strange stain on sheet or pillow, with no explanation of how it got there? NO
  29. Have awoken with soreness in your genitals, which cannot be explained? NO not that I can remember, however intercourse has always been very painful for me. I somehow are blocked when it comes to this.
  30. Have had back or neck problems, T-3 vertebrae out often, or awoken with an unusual stiffness in any part of the body? YES a couple of weeks ago I woke up with a stiff back and could not move right. The next day this stiffness wandered into my neck and I could not move my neck then out of a sudden it was gone.
  31. Have had chronic sinusitis or nasal problems? YES Since I was a child I had always a runny nose… There were times when I used a whole paper roll during a day or two, because as soon it got a little bit colder outside my nose started running like crazy.
  32. Have had electronics around you go haywire or oddly malfunction with no explanation (such as street lights going out as you walk under them, TV’s and radios affected as you move close, etc)? YES especially when my energy somehow gets high I had a phase when I broke a monitor, my husbands halogen bulb and our bathroom bulb in one day! However I also see lights flickering above me. Yesterday we were walking along a street and I suddenly realized that the light went off and I looked up and asked my husband, was there a light before? I could swear it just turned off as we passed this lamp.
  33. Have seen a hooded figure in or near your home, especially next to your bed? YES I have seen hooded figures dressed in black all my childhood in my dreams. Mostly I ran away from them. I remember a specific dream which would repeat many nights in a row. I was in a dark mansion and there was this man without face, dark top hat and a black coat. I ran away from him and the end of the dream was me standing in front of  a round carousel. Which reminds me now of the series “TAKEN” very real in this regard and I suggest everyone to watch it!
  34. Have had frequent or sporadic ringing in your ears, especially in one ear? YES my left ear is stronger in this than the right one and I usually hear the clicking, cracking, tapping water kind of noises with this ear!
  35. Have an unusual fear of doctors or tend to avoid medical treatment? YES I am way over due for a dental exam and tooth cleaning but I am just not certain to go…
  36. Have insomnia or sleep disorders, which are puzzling to you. Wake up the same time often? NO I actually can sleep quite good now. However as a child I had a phase that took months to pass and I would not be able to sleep because of panic attacks, racing heart and the constant feeling my air was pressed out leading me two constantly swallow or being panicked by not being able to swallow!
  37. Have had dreams of doctors or medical procedures? YES definitely, I wrote about a few already in my blog! I also saw a vision once of a male body that was lying on a surgery table, with a surgery light on top, it was as if I was looking through his eyes. Or it is an distorted memory and I actually was this myself being programmed to think it was a male.
  38. Have frequent or sporadic headaches, especially in the sinus, behind one eye, or in one ear? YES when I was a kid around 14 years old I had an ear infection or something of that kind. One day I was in the ice skating hall in Germany and suddenly out of nowhere my left ear went deaf and I heard everything as if it was robotic and with echo… This however went away from alone. I also experience weird moving soreness around my skull and sharp stinging pains in parts of my head. Like little needles being inserted. Now of course this could very well be on an etheric level…
  39. Have had paranormal, ghost or psychic experiences, elementals, faries, including intuition? YES once in Germany when a co worker died we were sitting a day later in our office as suddenly out of nowhere a huge picture frame would fall off the wall without any reason whatsoever. Same happened one evening when I listened to my husbands piano playing my picture suddenly got knocked off the piano, which in itself is impossible. It stood there 2 years without falling!
  40. Have been prone to compulsive or addictive behavior? YES in my childhood I developed the stupid compulsive behavior to bite my finger nails short and my right ring finger was the worst of all, I used to bite it down until it bleed and nothing was left of the nail. Just a few months ago in a stressful event I started doing that again, while all the other nails are growing just normal…
  41. Have channeled telepathic messages from extraterrestrials? NOT CERTAIN I do get vision flashes of faces, mandalas, book pages and website that seem to travel through air and into my head, but I am not sure if this is a transmission, maybe it is!
  42. Have been afraid of your closet, now or as a child? YES for a reason I do not remember I was very afraid of my closet and even called my father upstairs to check it out. Since my move to Los Angeles my husband uses to leave the closet doors open after getting out his shoes or cloth and I sit there to work and the closet is behind my back, after he leaves the room I run to the closet and close them. So I would say definitely!
  43. Have had sexual or relationship problems (such as an odd “feeling” that you must not become involved in a relationship because it would interfere with “something, or that you must be dominated in your sexual relationships.”)? YES wow… As long as I can remember I fell in love very fast so much that I was compelled to do everything possible to get together with a boy. I wanted nothing more than being able to be loved by someone. But as soon as it came to the first sexual contact I suddenly became panicky and I almost felt disgusted by the boy I was in love with. Leading me to break up each and every single time! In my now marriage we have a difficult time, I am not sexual active and I do not feel motivated to be, which in contrast my husband does not understand of course… But we learned to live with it and funny enough, whenever I feel it and I am ready for it, we have a fight shortly before I can make my wish known, it’s like staged, as if something prevents sexual intercourse currently. It just does not make any sense.
  44. Have to sleep against the wall or must sleep with your bed against a wall? YES since my childhood experiences with the weird kobold shadow on my wall in my room and the closet fear I tend to sleep on my right side which was pointing towards the room. I never ever slept again on the left side. Here in L.A. it’s difficult because my right side points toward the window and a wall, so I find myself now wanting to sleep on my back all the time.
  45. Have a fear that you must be very vigilant or you will be taken away by “someone.”? YES I have a fear of needing to move away, or needing to leave. I have a strong feeling I need to be here. Very weird.
  46. Have a difficult time trusting other people, especially authority figures? YES since childhood I did have a problem trusting people and usually I open up only to people who are like me and can understand my being. It’s like I cannot fully trust people who are not on the same page of a book as me.
  47. Have had dreams of destruction or catastrophe? NO not that I can remember, however I remember a dream from my childhood in which I saw a deer falling off a cliff this dream was so dramatic that I started crying in my dream and awoke by me crying in physical as well!
  48. Have the feeling that you are not supposed to talk about these things, or that you should not talk about them? SOMETIMES I hear the loud ring in my left ear when I have a specific thought or do something in that regard, which is almost like a siren warning or so.
  49. Have experienced many things in this list, and recall your children or parents speaking of similar experiences on occasion? NO neither my mother nor my father experienced anything like this. maybe they did not remember? However before my father’s death he started seeing things and hearing voices that told him things about my mother, mostly bad stuff… No idea what really happened to him.
  50. Have many of these traits but can’t remember anything about an abduction or alien encounter? YES well I do have many but I do NOT remember directly having had an encounter or abduction. I hope that someday my memory will return once I continue on my spiritual path and higher my vibrations enough to get access to my subconscious mind!

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