Dreams: Man in Black, gift economy

Experiences from the night:

Last night I had some very strong energetic experiences. I read a lot about the abduction theories and from other people who went through it and are still part of it. Supposedly they do not need to be present in physical form, they can work on the body in a weird metaphysical way. They change DNA and even implant through an etheric dimension. Which makes sense because none of the abductees ever saw a mark or wound that would suggest how an implant got into the skin! No scars, nothing. Why? Because they are there just not physical, they are working from another dimension and break down the metaphysical structure of the body and then work inside. We feel it as if it was physical!

Back story, before I could hear these ear sounds and after my Awakening I was sitting at my computer working as I suddenly felt the air become very dense beside my left ear, I actually felt something entering my ear! The same happened a few times already with my nostrils, it’s like some kind of dense energy is entering my nose, which brought a lot of sneezing attacks with it. I know that something happened to me when I finally Awoke!

I felt a lot of pulsing going on in my head last night, as well as my heart and legs. There was one moment when my head felt as if it was going to explode any moment and after that I felt a gentle touch on my forehead, it literally felt like something was stroking over my forehead!

At the same moment my legs suddenly jerked up and the ringing in the ears was very clear and louder than usual. I have a feeling sooner or later I will put all the missing pieces together and then I will remember!

DREAM 1: A weird job & a man in Black suit

I was looking for a job that I could enjoy and I found myself in a store I never went to before. I was talking to someone in that store and asked for the job that was being hired for. So this man guided me to a back door inside the store and as soon as he opened that door I found myself in a room that looked kind of like a class room. It had many chair rows and the room was already filled with tons of people, young and old. Some were standing and some sitting. I remember looking at the huge crowd of people and acknowledging them with nodding my head. Then my gaze fell on what they all were doing. They were preparing some kind of baking mixture, rolling with wooden rolling pins and shaping the baking mixture in some kind of form. Then my gaze fell on a man sitting in front of everybody else, like a teacher of some sort. Oddly enough he was all dressed up in a black suit, completely out of context of the environment we were sitting in. All was full of dust and crumbles of baking mixtures and this guy sits there with a black suit… (Weird though, because the picture of persons in black follows me since childhood inside my dreams. I am usually running away from them). This man in black looked at me and explained what was needed for this backing mixture to take form of the shape that he chose. He pointed his finger towards a white wall and there was this weird face with an abnormal wide lower Jaw. It was the face and shape of a man and supposedly we were indoctrinated to create this shape out of the mixture. I looked closer at the face shape and thought to myself, “what a weird face, what’s up with this extreme wide jaw structure?”

At that moment my dream shifted and brought me to the next dream.

DREAM 2: Another job, suggesting gift economy

In the next dream I was looking for another job this time it was inside a store that I actually know. I read about an interesting concept that Sprouts Farmers Market were working on and different stores had this idea to give customers some kind of ticket, whenever they would buy Rice Milk from the store! I remember that it was an amazing job, because all you had to do was stand as a cashier and whenever a customer bought Rice Milk I would give them a ticket for a free dinner at Sprouts! And I would earn money for giving the tickets away!

The first store I went into and asked if they still offer this job informed me that they do not have these tickets anymore and do not offer that job. So I went to another Sprouts Market and got the job. I was also informed that the other manager from the other location obviously still had the tickets but decided to commit fraud by holding on to the free tickets for himself…

I remember working at the store and giving tons of free tickets to all the customers who bought Rice Milk. And in the end of the dream I remember seeing the huge backside of the store were all the amazing food for dinner was stored and everybody who got a ticket got a free dinner! It was an amazing dream and totally in contrast to the one from before.

One thought on “Dreams: Man in Black, gift economy

  1. The entities are not as they seem. These forces have sought energetic entanglement for ages. People are interested in them because they appear to be advanced beings….so people are oddly flattered. They are incubus and succubus in a new updated form. Why anyone would be fascinated with a parasite beats me.

    The story of the archons is an identical story of the et phenomenon……except it is two thousand years old. They were putting themselves off as advanced….but they aren’t. Its a lie….smoke and mirrors.

    Part of my awakening was becoming aware of these influences in others, then finally in myself. I removed one from someone I knew and the. Opened my eyes to a cluster of them which hid in my body, my etheric field….and all it took was my awareness that they were there….they fled like pigeons from an attic space.

    Doing this is the cleansing work of awakening.is reduces outside influence. They feed on our energy and keep us controlled along whatever energetic lines that they like most to feed….lower emotions mostly. Bid them go in peace while seeing them through the third eye. It requires being willing to see differently because you may not have seen them this way before. They are very easy to remove. Wish them peace and love and growth to the Source.



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