Dreams: Portal, Cow & Tree Dragon

Last night was  a very strong night, I had tons of dreams, from which I remember 2 a little bit more, while the others sadly fade away and I have no recall on them.

DREAM 1: Cinema, Portal & familiar faces

In this dream I remember that we were all part of a huge screening of something. I don’t know exactly what it was, but the whole dream was out of my eyes and the peoples eyes around me. We were watching a movie or some kind of game maybe, not really sure. It was so wild I remember a sudden portal opening and a weird thing came out in full speed, it was dark and we were all suddenly standing on a huge lawn with hills, trees etc. As the thing ran with high speed around the lawn and the hills I heard someone ask the question “Why does the cow run so fast?” Somebody else suddenly answered “Some people really believe this is all real?“. Maybe this dream was a metaphor for how fake everything around us is, that nothing is really real unless you are awake and can see behind this veil of false information.

I remember being awake between these dreams and then falling right back into another dream.

DREAM 2: Dragons!

in this dream I met with someone I actually know from Facebook. (Brian D.) He told me that dragons do exist, but most people could not see them, because in the physical dimension they are just invisible, however there are signs that they do exist in other dimensions. So I met with Brian and we went into a forest. I remember we were walking through the forest and suddenly he pointed his finger towards a weird shaped trunk of a tree. He said “Look there and you will see the dragon!” I looked in the direction of his pointed finger and did not see anything at first I asked him where he sees a dragon and then suddenly my vision cleared up and I saw this trunk that actually had the shape of a sleeping dragon lying on top of another fallen tree! I looked closed and could swear that I saw his nostrils breathing! We went closer to the tree (dragon) and it was just a trunk in a weird form. I remember that I asked him if the dragon would be alive in another dimension and just appears to be a tree in this physical dimension. I do not remember his answer though and I got pulled into another dream.

Most of the dreams are lost by now and I do not remember them…


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