How do you know you are connected?

You may wonder what happened to me, as I do write a lot about Spirit these days. Well It’s some kind of transformation that I needed to go through. Everything I was lead and guided to without acknowledging it at first led me to the realizations that I get each day continuously.

So I am coming to my next posting for today, talking about Connection to Spirit and how do you know that you are truly connected? The answer is actually easy. You know for sure that you are connected when your thoughts and wishes manifest in an almost unreal speed without a lot of delay! I have two examples for this that I would like to share with you today:

  1. It has been a while since my husband got work, being a composer he is dependent on movies or projects that need his talents. Of course we all know how the economy looks like right now and so it was very difficult to get jobs in. However the bills need to be paid regardless of no work coming in. Something that was pressing very strong on my husband making him fall into depression and apathy every so often. I had glimpses of connection a couple of days in a row without acknowledging it but things that were said and prayed for were actually delivered and heard. So 2 days ago my husband got a call from someone who he was working with on one of his movies. Nothing happened with the movie, but suddenly this movie got a huge distribution deal and will be shown nation wide on October 30th! This was a huge surprise, because my husband didn’t really think anything would happen with this movie… While I kept positive and thinking and praying for a miracle to happen!
  2. Yesterday I was taking a walk with my husband and as we came back home I looked over to our neighbors and I told my husband “It’s weird… They are gone since a few days already and usually they ask for cat sitting. This time nobody asked me…” This morning I suddenly got an e-mail from our neighbor and she asked me straight forward if I could do cat sitting from October 7th – 9th and from October 12th – 17th. I was extremely overflown with joy and I immediately thanked my spirit for these opportunities! It’s important to acknowledge when something good happens in your life, as more than you think your spirit was listening to your thoughts and helped in a way to realize them into physicality! All our thoughts are creations, once we learn to connect with spirit and are able to place a frequency into a thought like Love for example, we are able to manifest everything we want.

We are Co Creators, part of the divine source, which Spirit is. Our souls are pieces of this source and we experience life form different vessels and collecting all the knowledge that we gain, but as we are created in gods image as beings of light, we are also able to manifest everything we want! We create our own realities.

So be careful what you are thinking the most of, it may manifest into your physical life and if your thoughts are negative this is exactly what you will manifest!

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