Short vision and more Ascension related symptoms

Last night I did my nightly meditation this time with a clear intend to find out what this glowing light orb is that developed from day one of my Awakening process in august 2014! It was the first physical symptom that I experienced before the Awakening process actually started! The dot is white glowing, as big as a needle head and it has moving colorful particles inside, kind of like a snow globe! Sometimes it looks like it is rotating, other times it looks like it pulsing. But it is always there and does not turn off. Which makes it sometimes difficult to read or focus on something small. Because the glowing dot tends to cover small things like ants… When I focus on a walking ant the dot covers it, and it appears as if the ant was gone… Sometimes the dot is more subtle, but many times it’s really in the center and quite visible for me…

The meditation started with me lying in bed on my back. I closed my eyes and focused a while on my breath. Then I set the intend to get an answer. I started seeing tons of light swirls, purple, pink, red background and golden curtains washing through the scene! But no message etc. came through. The only thing I recognized was a sudden more pronounced sound in my ears. It was ringing very loud. Extreme inner chills covered my back and moved further and further up towards my head. Once it reached the head I felt sparkles on the top of my head.

Then out of nowhere I saw a light flash and a sudden picture came through. I saw a round table and behind that table was a young man sitting. He had long hair, styled in Rasta and a beard. His hair was blonde-brown and his eyes blue. I saw him as clear as if he was a real person. I wonder if he exists and who he is and  of course what he has to do with delivering a message or answer to my question! If anybody knows someone who looks like that, please let me know! I think it is important somehow!

Today I have a sore spot on the top of my head, towards the back. It feels like something or someone smashed my head with a hammer or something… I actually cannot stand my ponytail today, it feels wound around the knot and I needed to release the knot and let my hair free, but still the pressure is strong. This always happens when I feel these intense sparkling shivers going up my head, as if the head needs to adjust to these intense chilling energies!


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