The energy is strong today, especially around head!

As I was reading on some posts online and writing to one of my friends about the possibility of her being a starseed as well, I looked at another website called OMTALKS, a beautiful forum with a lot of beautiful people who are like me. As I was looking on this website (forum) I suddenly had a very strong vibrating sensation surrounding my head, it was like my head was being buzzed from left and right and at the same moment it felt like the space in front of me was kind of vibrating!

Lately I see so many light phenomenon it’s incredible. My birthday party yesterday evening brought tons of spirit orbs to our home and they even got captured on 2-3 photos! I never saw so many orbs in one photo! It was just a beautiful evening!

On Saturday we went to The Walt Disney Concert Hall and were listening to choir who was singing about god and his angelic creatures called “Cherubim” interesting enough the Cherubim look kind of similar to the Seraphim which I was drawn to a few days ago. They are depicted as higher order angel with 6 wings! I think during the time we listened to the choir I received some major energy upgrades inside my head, as I felt a very clear moment of shift inside my head, which felt like something got replaced or changed position, very weird feeling.

In the evening then when we watched a movie it literally felt like my spirit inside was spinning, I suddenly felt like I would fly away any second, like a roller coaster while I was firmly sitting inside a chair! I actually now wonder if this was a tractor beam that tried to pull me up, but I wasn’t calm it felt like dying because the feeling of head spinning with a feeling of faintness being the end result made me panic and move, so I have no idea what would have happened if I would have not panicked at that moment.


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