Shift in head & intense spirit shivers

Today we went to a beautiful choir in the Walt Disney Concert Hall and the subject of all the songs for this choir was about god, the Cherubim (angels and creatures of god) and forgiveness as well as recognition of love. Alleluia 🙂

It was so beautiful and every time I let myself sink into these magnificent voices I felt extremely strong shivers from my heart center that were so strong that they went up my head and sparkled on top of my scalp like little champagne bubbles. A few times when this happened I felt a shift occurring inside my head, it feels literally like something changed position! On top of that I felt something fizzling in my hair at the left back side of my head. It feels like a very tiny vibration fluttering inside the hair or underneath the skin, it’s difficult to explain.

When I felt the extreme shivers reaching my head I suddenly had the visual in front of my minds eye that a glowing angel rose from my head and opened 6 wings. Which is amazing because as far as I can remember Seraphim angels are depicted with 3 wings on each side!

At home we started watching the movie “Event Horizon”. I totally forgot how brutal this movie was… However I had a few realizations. The event horizon has this core gateway that would create a wormhole that goes through time and space and reached a dark place that created mess on the ship after the return. Interestingly enough the core gateway when opened looked EXACTLY like the damn CERN’s Large Haldron Collider. Which made me wonder what if they really could open a gateway to a much darker place… Or what if this thing was able to pull bad things over here!?

In the end of the movie while the core activated again and went into the last seconds I suddenly felt a weird sensation in my head, it felt like my whole head was spinning from inside. It was such a strong sensation that I actually thought I would fall to the ground any second, just realizing I was sitting in a chair! This was a strong sensation and I really don’t know what would have happened, if I was just calm and tried not to get out of this feeling.

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