Weird night with a lot of sensations & visuals

Last night was yet another weird night, I cannot remember any dreams this time, but I remember a lot of visuals with light flashes that suddenly came to me. However one thing up front. A few weeks ago I stumbled up on the term “Chakra Removal“, when I read about it the first time, my whole being went into disagreement and almost extreme anger overcame me, trying to make everybody wrong with what they spread around. It just did not feel right to me that first time when I first was confronted with it.

But last evening out of nowhere this term popped up again. We all know about implants and imprints that for many of us came with us since we got to this planet a long time ago, These imprints are energetic in nature and are there to bring us in contact with Karma that many times is not even ours to begin with. A long time ago evil ET’s implanted us with these karmic contracts and we relived these not knowing that many, many karmic contracts were not ours, but implanted from others in order to let us suffer through trauma that was not ours to begin with. Now take this:

What if: All the lectures, teachings and old knowledge about Chakras is wrong? What if these Chakras are energy implants, instead of seeing it as a vortex of energy, see it as a siphon, which can be fed on! What if these chakras are not ours to begin with but another way of enslavement of this body and therefore robbing us from real freedom? There are tons of pictures online that show the pipe (shushumna and the chakras are depicted as siphons coming out of that central channel pointing outwards. What if these siphons can be used by the dark forces to feed on us? I mean if you remember in the movie Matrix, we are all batteries and this is actually not very far fetched, something does feed on our emotional energies, when it comes to fear, anger, hatred etc.

Now they go a step further and say the Chakras are connected to the Kundalini and as such it is a system that keeps us in delusion of the real power source that is naturally inside of each one of us. Take away the 7 implanted chakras and you would have one real one left. It is called the Heart star or the Solar Heart. it encompasses the heart center and the solar plexus area and is one big energy source, that Jesus and all other prophets called a long time ago Seat of God! It is true there is a place in our heart space that is exactly that, and it is not the heart chakra! It is the Heart Star! It is depicted as extreme strong energy ball of light and it can be accessed through a simple meditation. Focus all your awareness on the heart center and search for the Heart Star, once you found it, focus your energies and put all your attention on it, imagine a golden ball growing until you feel it fill the whole chest! After that bring this feeling outside and encompass your whole body, this Heart Star is the gateway to the 5th Dimension!

It is said that we are able to remove our chakras simply by intent and guidance through our higher self. It’s done with visualizing. You have to address all chakras and then make sure that you see them as closed cones, when you see them clearly with your mind’s eye, grab them with your physical hands and squeeze them until you see them disappearing in your mind’s eye. Do this with all 7 chakras and what will be left after successful attempt is the Heart Star, which holds ALL our energy in one big energy center, rather then siphon it through 7 smaller ones. This is what Jesus called THE HEART.


Once I was done reading all about it I was not overwhelmed by anger and the need to lecture anybody, it was like it slowly integrated as a possibility. I went to bed right afterwards, the darkness did not really look dark, it was like everything was kind of in a slight red hue, with static everywhere. My ears were ringing a lot and it was really loud the last night.

I stared into the space in front of me and went into the heart space, I softened my gaze and left my eyes open I asked “Spirit, is the Chakra Removal real?” Suddenly out of nowhere a glowing dot appeared a little bit on the right of my sight field and it was glowing up in front of me. I see these things usually with eyes closed, but this time it came through with eyes open! I recognized it as a guide or something else, maybe an angel? I did not see shapes, just the white glowing ball of light.

To be sure I asked the same question a few more times, until I received a body sensation. It felt like something touched me on the left side of my hip. It suddenly released a kind of electric tingling with goose bump sensation from the hip. I knew that someone was around me and probbaly wanted to acknowledge what I asked.

Then I closed my eyes and focused all my attention into my heart center and kept the awareness there until I felt it filling the whole chest plate, it felt warm, tingly, but also like a heavy weight inside my chest. I knew I found that spot that they called Heart Star! So I tried filling the space around me with this feeling that came from the heart center. As I did this I felt strong energy surges from the heart, like out spreading inner shivers that filled me with a loving warmth. While I fell deeper into this state I suddenly saw a white light flash and as clear as with physical eyes I saw a wide colored cloth that looked like it was thrown and it fell down into my direction. It had many colors and I remember mandala kind of patterns on the cloth.

A little bit later I was in a state of deep relaxation as I suddenly started seeing as if I could really see it metal patterns, corridors the moment I realized this is a spaceship or some kind of ship the vision would go away. I wonder if this was a memory of something past, or if I actually was there. Since I did not feel OOBE separations.

I then started seeing little ropes lifting up from my body with chakra colored flowers that were opened, but then they closed into a cone form one by one and I remember pulling them out of the ropes or tentacles and pressing them into the heart space one after the other. That was the moment I fell asleep.

As I awoke this morning I felt relaxed, I did not remember any dreams, I was just gone and woke up rested. I tried to check if anything was different at all. The first thing I realized was, I did not feel any energy sensations in my chakra centers, the ringing in the ears is still there and the visual changes, including the glowing pulsing orb in my visual center was still there. So if what happened tonight was a removing of chakras then it did not change anything in my developed abilities. What a strange night.


3 thoughts on “Weird night with a lot of sensations & visuals

  1. Oh dear…..who is spreading such weirdness as chakra removal? Do people know that the chakras are vortices that happen as a result of the interaction of the electrical current in the body meshing with the infinite consciousness (individual and prana/life force) pouring through it? It is like taking the eddies and swirls out of a river or a storm cloud, you know? Silly.

    And the karmic “contracts” are merely the result of what WE have done and felt of a negative character. Anything else is just attracted to the nature of that energy (like ET’s or entities, etc). Oh, and per your earlier writing, I have been doing the lucid dreaming while awake….falling into dream without really falling asleep. Good way to do inner work! Tibetans did this, too. Waking lucidity they call it. –Waking The Infinite Guy….

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    • talynia says:

      It’s kind of growing out of nowhere this term “Chakra Removal” and tons of people grow out of nowhere as well reporting their effects with removed chakras… But today I got a nice comment on that from an energy master, who knows a lot about these things and says this:


    • talynia says:

      “As I stated we do not have chakras the way they are currently understood. We have major glands that have a vibrational signature and a biochemical hormone associated with them. Apart from that we have consciousness and infinite energy and when we focus these on the area associated with the glands we can activate that pattern of energy.”

      I firmly believe it is nothing but hype and placebo effect from others who do not truly understand energy, consciousness or the human role in the universe and our ONEness with ET life – that we literally ARE the ETs, they are us in lighter densities of energy. You cannot remove a chakra because we do not ‘really’ have them in the 1st place, not the way they are understood anyhow. ANYWHERE we place our focus causes energy to condense in a power point, which is one attribute of a chakra – energy power point. We have major glands in our endocrine system that have a pattern of vibration and release an equivalent hormone, by focusing our energy in these spots where the glands are located causes our energy to be patterned by that gland. That is what chakras ultimately are – energy focused to a power point over a major gland in the endocrine system so the only way to remove a ‘chakra’ is to remove the gland. Otherwise the very next time you focus your energy there it will be patterned after that gland.

      Once again I firmly believe that any ‘upgrades’ or enhanced peace people have felt after ‘removal’ is 100% placebo, which can be quite profound, placebo is scientifically proven to be 30% effective after all . None of the people who advocate chakra removal are able to demonstrate either their energy mastery or the upgrade they received. There is SO much crap out there, all based on conjecture and mentally created experience, I tend to only listen to those who can demonstrate their knowledge of energy/spirit, otherwise it is so easy to get lost in the vast ocean of confusing “in-formation”.


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