Heart chakra and third eye sensations!

Before I went to bed last evening I heard a very clear flute kind of frequency in my left ear, it was very clear and was there for quite some time. Then when I went to bed I was guided to just place my awareness into the center of my head (where the Pineal gland is located). Very shortly after that I felt a strong pressure inside my head, I actually thought I could feel the Pineal Gland it was so strong.

Shortly afterwards I suddenly felt my heart chakra rumbling and tingling. It was a very clear rumble I could suddenly feel underneath the bed blanket, which originated from my heart center! I must have fallen asleep with my awareness placed into the Pineal Gland, however I do not remember any dreams, I mean I had some, but I cannot recall any of them.

This morning I got up and decided to bake my homemade muffins, however I needed to go shop for some missing ingredients. I went outside into the sun and realized I suddenly had a very thing glowing horizontal line in my vision. It was like burned into my eyes. I have no idea what I looked at before that happened, but the line was simply just there for a few seconds. I closed my eyes and opened them again and the line was still there.

Lately when I look at things, light sources etc. I do see a very strong after image that stays for a long time! Yesterday I was sun gazing in the late evening while we were driving. And because of the constant movement of the car I had the sun burned into my vision in like 5 different places. The vision I saw when I had a soft gaze just starring at a wall was this:


These 6 glowing dots are since yesterday inside my vision and they appear when I let my gaze become soft and just stare into space or at a wall etc.

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