Dream: Pineal Gland, Little boy, family & dark man!

Tonight I had the most interesting dream ever! It not only was very real, it also combined many elements that I am currently being worked on. It almost seemed to be a dream with answers to questions I asked my spirit a few times during the last couple of days. I asked questions such as “What is it that I experience?”, “what is this glowing dot in my vision?”, “Why am I going through so much pain lately?” and most importantly “what am I supposed to do?”. Let’s see if the dream answers these questions!

Pineal Gland and Little boy

First of all I remember very vividly looking through the eyes of a person, I think it was me because I lived the whole dream through the eyes of someone, I never saw myself only other persons through looking at them. I remember that I was in a hospital, very excited. I was pregnant and I saw every little thing that happened. The doctor checked my stomach (funny enough the area where I felt a day or two ago the strong solar plexus energy) with ultrasound and I could see the baby on the monitor! I saw his little mouth sucking on something, the doctor spoke to me but most words are lost by now. I remember very vividly that I especially looked at my babies forehead, I saw the third eye in the forehead of the baby, it looked like a little circle coming up every now and then on the screen.

The dream jumped then and I was sitting in bed with a little boy, he was so beautiful, almost angelic. light blonde hair, blue eyes and the most charming smile that a child can have! I remember that I was talking to him about energy and all the spiritual things that I am now going through. I told him all about it and I asked him “Martin, please do me a favor. Close your eyes and tell me what you can see!” He looked at me and closed his eyes, he lay down and stayed quiet. I asked him again “What can you see?” I was quite anxious to find out how he sees with closed eyes. And Martin’s answer was “I see the room, but it is kind of glowing.” I was so happy at that moment and he looked at me with his huge blue eyes and that amazing smile of his and I hugged him, telling him “Martin! You are awake, your third eye is wide open and you will never sleep again, I won’t allow that as long we are together you will grow!


The dream jumped to the next time lapse, this time I am looking outside to the front yard, Martin is now big and an handsome young man, however something changed in our relationship and it almost seemed that he was about to leave, while there were 2-3 other girls who seemed to be my kids. All of them had blonde hair! I was upset about the situation and sooner or later I realized what the reason was why Martin suddenly was completely different, closed up and kind of angry…

Dark Man

There was this man but  have no idea what relationship I had with him in the dream, weird enough the same people happened to be around at a table. The dark had long black hair, brown eyes and was really a bad guy, nobody you would dare to hang out with… He somehow kept us all in his house, I remember he had a weird looking metal ball or something round where all the house keys of the people were chained to. He took all our keys away and chained them to this metal thing, I remember somebody saying that this guy went crazy out of nowhere and started collecting the keys from all those people. the metal thing was once empty and now it nearly could not be closed anymore because of the mass of keys on it. Kind of weird, because I once had a vision of a white door with a wooden key that was turned around 3 times. I wonder if this dream somehow is connected to it.

The picture of this post kind of resembles the look of the little boy. The hair kind of fits! 🙂

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