A different energetic sensation & more visual changes

Today I had a very strong energetic sensation that probably came from the heart center, however it was feeling as if my lungs were tickled, many times I felt a rumbling inside my chest that brought up a cough because of the tickling inside my lungs. Energetic sensations can really happen in all organs and body parts. While the last couple of days I felt a lot of energy inside my heart chakra, as well as my Solar Plexus and Navel area, this time it was kind of behind the heart as it affected the lungs as well.

Along with some left frontal brain stings that sometimes hurt, I also have another visual change  slowly developing!
Whenever I look at something for like 2 seconds and then squint my eyes the visual screen is first in a red hue and then after a few seconds the whole scene glows up again. I just looked at the ventilator in my room for just 2 seconds and then closed my eyes. In a matter of a few seconds I suddenly saw the silhouette of the ventilator and then every detail of it glowing in a red hue with white highlights. What I also realize is that black things like our air purifier glow up as well but in a white/yellow tone!

It’s quite impressive. The scene stays for 2 seconds and becomes almost clear but always with a red hue glow, then it disappears slowly and the scene becomes a red circle with dark outlines and in the center of my vision there is this white glowing dot, that pulses, rotates or just sparkles.

I have a feeling if I do train this ability more I will be able to see with closed eyes!

PS. the picture of this post shows a little bit of what the red hue vision looks like. It’s not as clear, and not as strong in red, but kind of similar, just that the outlines are not pink but white.

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