Dream: 3 men, ladybugs & intense moments

The last 2 days my dreams have been outright strange. Very vivid and almost real. And every single time I meet people I never saw in my entire life. However somehow I attach names to these people that do not make sense.

Last night I was lying in bed and doing my nightly meditation. I started again to do my energy exercises that I learned at AEMI (Avatar Energy Mastery Institute). This time I did the Awareness expansion exercise. I focused all my awareness on the forehead while falling deeper into meditation. As soon I felt the electromagnetic flux, a very thick feeling of energy around my forehead, I used the force that moves the physical eyes, but instead of moving muscles and nerves I moved just the force itself. I moved the awareness around my head and felt the very thick beam of electromagnetism go around my head, it literally felt like a beam of energy moved around my forehead. After a while I moved out the beam of energy and visualized it as a thick beam coming out of my forehead, like the beam of a lighthouse. I moved it further out each circle and tried to keep the feeling. If this is developed correctly one will be able to feel past the body and expand the awareness of consciousness past the body and into the surroundings.

After a while doing this I must have fallen asleep and I went straight into a very real dream. I was at home and I was with another man, my husband was someplace else. The weird thing was I never saw the other man, I just somehow knew he was there. But then out of nowhere another man came to visit me. It was a man with light brown hair, brown eyes and a slight beard. He had some interesting things to share and for some reason I called him Richard in the dream. We were sitting on the bench in front of the bed of our house here and he was sitting in front of me , I was looking right inside his eyes and I felt my heart chakra tingling and pushing. I told him what I felt.

But suddenly my husband came into the room and he wanted to kill these ladybugs that suddenly appeared on our flowers. I told him “No don’t do it, no need to kill them, these are just ladybugs. Let me save them!” I picked up the bugs and I placed them outside.

However that’s not all I remember very vague that I also dreamed about a soccer match, but I do not remember exactly  what it was about.

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