Learning to accept that life will bring lessons

Yes one of the hard things of our daily life is to accept the fact that life will bring us lessons in many different forms. Sometimes it is people who suddenly come into our life, no matter if online, or in person somewhere around the world. Other times it is lessons that repeat until they are finally embodied and learned. I know I had in my life many lessons, some of which repeated. Mostly towards the end it became obvious, because after each unlearned lesson it would come back unexpectedly and with much stronger impact.

Lately life brings me lessons to check on my emotions, such as sadness, grief, anger and depression. Depression comes in the form of my husband, he embodies everything that a human being can do to make others feel depressive. It can be a wonderful day, everything starts out amazingly, but suddenly it snaps and lesson comes back. Almost daily lately. It usually took some time between the lessons. But now as I progress on my journey it almost seems like the lesson repeats immediately.

Anger, my mother is used for this. She was a huge anger trigger for me, as she can make life on earth a living hell. She was having extreme troubles with some very good friends of hers. She was very good friends with these persons in real life, but one simple misunderstanding on Facebook brought a fight and therefore a breaking of a very good friendship… This happened not only once, but already 3 times. And in all 3 times she wanted me to get involved. I got angry at her and told her she should not pull me in her stupid Facebook fights all the time…

Well guess what the lesson jumped over to me and I lost a Facebook friend without even knowing what went wrong. It’s not enough to just stop a friendship, no I was blocked and left confused. at first I thought the person deactivated the Facebook profiles. But then I had a strong feeling . So I checked out the profiles with my other FB account and well… what can I say, I suddenly could see the profiles. Ergo the profiles were not deactivated, but I was blocked… I have no explanation for it and it made me pretty sad, because just a few days ago I told the person to be considered one of my closest Facebook friends…

Lesson learned, do not attach to your internet friends, because if you lose them you can hang there without explanation and worry yourself about something that really is not needed. I realized that these things can happen, and whatever the reason is, only the person does know. But I came to accept it and let it be. It just shows me that life once again send a lesson in form of a friend and then pulled this friend out of the way to continue on the journey. I won’t be sad anymore about it, but I accept that this lesson was received and therefore I let you free, whatever you may do now and whatever you may be thinking of. One day we may meet again and then the time will show if you also learned the lesson that I supposedly brought to you.

We all have lessons for each other, it’s our job to recognize these as lessons and embody them for our own spiritual evolution. If the lesson was not learned, it will repeat itself. That’s how it works. Life is not a straight line and comes always back to a lesson that was unrecognized as such.

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