Dream about: Ice skating & an unexpected encounter

Last night I had a very vivid dream. In my childhood I used to go to an indoor ice rink close to where I was living in Germany. I loved ice skating and found a whole group there who were my friends from the beginning till the end, when I moved to Los Angeles.

the dream brought me back to the ice rink and I saw myself doing the most spectacular movements, fast and free, fearless and daring. It was amazing and felt so powerful! However the dream was not only about me and the ice skating. My “dead” father suddenly appeared and talked to me. I don’t know or remember everything but he pointed out that a young man who was my arch enemy in my childhood wanted to talk to me or to get together. He was also on the ice rink and I had the feeling it was the boy from my childhood who made my life miserable. If I can say life sends lessons to us then this guy was definitely the lesson of my life. It all started in Kindergarten that he began to pick on me. We were just children. He would say very awful things to me and was not nice at all. In kindergarten I was already placed in the position of being the odd ball who can be picked on.

However it did not stay at just mere words that were painful emotionally. Once it was time to go to first grade school, I realized that he will be my lesson of life, as he mysteriously was placed in the same school and classroom with me… I was devastated! and soon enough he started again, nobody seemed to care. He hurt me emotionally and started to touch me and hurt me physically as well. Because of him I nearly broke my left thumb when he pushed me off a climber, because of him I got one of my 3 holes in the forehead. He pushed me through the classroom and I hit my head on a shelf edge. I was bleeding and he was standing in front of me and said “That’s what you deserve!”

And as god had planned everything for my life, he even went to the 2nd grade school and again into the same classroom. I was humiliated and hurt by him many times.

And now my dream brought him back, much more mature and right there on the ice rink. To my surprise in my dream I tried to get his attention. However the guy my father meant was not Norman, it was a guy called Steve. And I remember trying to figure out who Steve was, I could not remember a Steve in my childhood. So the end of the dream was me standing in front of a big tree and Steve was hanging down head to the ground at a branch of that tree. And when I looked at him, something said to me “Steve needs to recharge”.

That was all I remembered as I suddenly awoke to the sound of water drops above our heads. It was finally raining in Los Angeles, after such a long time of drought! It is still raining now! And again I do not understand exactly what the dream means.

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