Attempt for Astral Projection (getting closer)

So last evening I watched a movie with my husband with Steven Seagal. It was very weird, it was a movie where Steven Seagal was killed off the first 10 minutes into the movie. After the movie my husband said he has a theory why that happened. He had the idea that it could be because of Steven’s big ego problem at some point in his career that he got killed off by Warner Brothers because of that… So he went online and searched for it and found the exact reason that he mentioned. And without thinking I told him afterwards “yes Ego can do that, it can literally kill people…” Not knowing that this simple sentence would build up an argument once again… My husband gets really hurt very fast by things I say… He suddenly became moody and said “See… you are not acknowledging the big things about me… You acknowledge the small things (which is fine, however other people acknowledge me for the big things I do). I tell you a theory about this thing with Steven, because I just knew, it came to me, and then I show you the proof and all you have to say is well ego can kill people?” etc… End of story was that I slept alone again, because I had no desire to continue this conversation…

It’s the third day of my period cycle and I knew the connection between the last 3 times, every single time my energy would stop producing the electrical current. It was not gone, well it feels like it, but in reality it seems like it is working in the abdominal area during that time. Which makes sense because all the energy forces need to press down to release the old tissues. (female cycle- do not need to get into biology now lol)

However I wanted to try for another attempt for my very first Astral projection. I closed my eyes and just focused on my breath first. I saw again a few white light dots that seemed to come closer to my face, glowing up the visual area. Sometimes it also looked like white light slithered around my eyes, very difficult to describe!

After a long time (no idea how long actually) I felt that my body awareness shifted and I stopped feeling certain areas of my body, I felt energy sensations and inner shivers spreading from the legs, back and in between the two shoulder blades. After a little bit more time had passed I suddenly started feeling this pushing and pulling feeling around the chest area again (I made positive affirmations and told myself nothing can harm me, all is well, I expect lights, I expect energetic sensations, no fear!) Then I suddenly felt my body awareness shifting into a buzzing sensation. It literally felt like the whole body was electricity! Everything, my arms, legs, stomach was feeling non existent and all I felt was buzzing all over. I forgot what I was supposed to do when this happens so I just waited to see what would happen.

The feeling stayed with me extremely strong in both arms and hands. Then there came a time when I asked my self “am I close to an actual OOBE?” And I waited for a response of any kind. I got an inner shiver from my shoulders after that, so I took it as a YES. I asked further “what am I supposed to do?” But I did not get anything in response to that question…

After a while I suddenly started feeling these electrical pulses inside my elbows again, especially the left one! It started hurting and I thought maybe my energy body is not strong enough, it certainly felt like the energy body itself was hurting, it was not my physical arm that hurt. After a while I could not take it anymore it took way too long. I lifted myself up and felt like I did a whole body workout, my muscles were tense like literally working out for hours.

Thanks to Dayna I found out that she has the same problem, whenever she has her period she has no Astral Projections and no Lucid Dreams. i wonder if it actually has to do with the energy loss of the female body during this time… Finally however I felt the electric body, for the first time! 🙂 I take this as a progress.

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