Morse code messages???

I think I am receiving Morse codes through my left ear! It happened very early on in my Awakening, not only the tuning in on the always persistent white noise and the subtle frequencies that come and go through either ear! But one thing was very pronounced during my awakening and that is that i sometimes especially while lying down or sitting relaxed at the computer, get Morse codes in my left ear. It sounds either like cracking and crunching, sometimes like a weird buzzing vibration inside the ear. It also feels like being in high altitude and pressure released through very loud pops in the ear. Almost like the skull is cracking open or something like that.

But the More codes are quite specific actually. Today I received one of them while sitting here working. It sounded like this:

CLICK (…short break)…) CLICK, CLICK

It’s almost always coming in threes! But sometimes i also hear it continuously clicking. One night the energy was so strong, I was lying on my back and felt inner spreading shivers all over my body. While at the same time I heard this weird crunching noise in my left ear, like constantly cracking and clicking. Sometimes it even sounds like when water drops on the surface of a lake or standing water.


I just found out about these Morse code clicking sounds, or dolphin clicking sounds. It seems like these are in fact Morse code transmissions! from the Pleiadians!

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